Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Intersection



Rhett wanted me to take a photo of him with all his swords so I did. But this now reminds me of "The Intersection" below... with all the crossing lines. This is something Leah talks about on her blog
It is called Synchronicity and I am finding it occuring over and over and again and again in my life.

Last night I went to clean my Pampered Chef stone when I noticed a lady's face on it! How cool is that? My Stone Lady. She sort of reminds me of Prince though.

Today I created some more ink art on a scrap of red paper that got bent because I'd cut out an index size shape probably for "The Boot" I created not long ago. It is a 3"x3.5". Because of all the intersecting lines, I call it "The Intersection". I see a shape at the bottom. A ghost? A spirit? It doesn't bother me. There was even room for my new copyright stamp. I made it in a matter of minutes. But when I look at it at a distance on the blog, it looks sort of like a deer's head behind a fence. Don would like that! That is if he is able to see it. LOL I don't think I was feeling tangled up either.

Because a baby came running into my arms today, because I got complimented on my art and because I have created art lately, I feel like tooting my own horn today. If you would to toot your own horn, please go to the following:


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MarieY said...

Awesome art - it's nice to be able to let your creativity just take over.