Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Artist's Walk

I had not written in my journal since prior to my Uncle Bert's death, but I did write about his death here on my blog, paying tribute to him in my own fashion with my words and art.

This past Friday was a very, very good day for. Very productive despite the fact that Don told me he was too busy to talk to me on the cell during his and Rhett's male father/son bonding day which ticked me off for awhile at work.

As always I had a bill to pay which is a never ending saga. I got off work at 4, paid the bill, picked up my medicine and Don called me. They had just gotten home from the hunting land around 4:30 which I was not a happy camper about because I had told Don earlier in the week I wanted to go on the Artist's Walking Tour from 5-8 pm. We could walk to 7 galleries or ride a tram. I was very, very determined about doing this one thing I wanted to do. Especially since we didn't go to Bass Pro Shop to eat like I wanted. I was and I was not being a spoiled brat about it. I was more than a little irritable they were not ready by the time I put my face on.

Don couldn't understand why we were in such a rush. He thought we were going to the funeral home because one of our oldest members passed away. Now this may sound selfish on my part, but I said we were not going to the visitation. I knew we could go to the funeral the next day. May the good Lord forgive me for this.

We started our tour at the Joseph House which I kept wanting to call it the John Hay house for some unknown reason. This is a place my friend Mike E has told me to go to for many months now. Why I held back, I am not sure? Cold feet I suppose. A bit scarey making that first step toward Artdom.

There I saw names of local artists I recognized from the local newspaper. There were a lot of paintings of and around Columbus. Yet there was only one painting that closely resembled my style of art as of late. So I guess I felt sort of out of place as I moved from painting to painting, room to room. I felt like I didn't fit in; didn't belong. Wondering why I was there?

We walked over to the Galleria with Rhett constantly complaining he wanted to ride the tram to the point of getting on my last nerve. The tram was simply a group of carts joined together. At the Galleria, I saw a high school chum's mom and I asked about him. She said Drew, who was an amazing artist, is not doing well. He is a bit slow since his brain cancer operation and more recent heart attack. His meds make him sick, making it difficult for him to work. His artwork would have been worthy of hanging in a gallery.

The Galleria is rather ecclectic with old as well as modern stuff mixed in and not just framed art like back at the first place. Don found a few items that interested him while I discovered a few future gifts and some lambs! I was afraid to take photos of them. These lambs were quite different than the ones I've seen before and rather expensive for my budget. Alas, they would only collect dust anyway and I hate to dust! LOL

We had to back track and go behind the Joseph House when my broken little toe started throbbing so we rode in the truck until we found Garry Pound's Gallery. Now Garry graduated from the same high school I attended only he was two years ahead of me. I knew he was a very good at drawing way back then, but to see his art now is a BIG WOW factor. What amazed me was his self portraits. He has one huge color canvas of himself in a red painter's coat that was so lifelike. The colors in it just sheer perfection. To view this, you can go to the following link:
or just google Garry Pound if you would like to find out more about him and his artwork.

I would like to have just a small print of this because he is a fellow artist from the same town and school, but when I saw his prices in the thousands of dollars, I was afraid to ask the price of even a small one. But unshy me did introduce myself to him. Once inside his gallery, Don brought it to my attention it was once a church. Later I found out from my friend Mike E that it was the 1st Jewish synagogue in Columbus. On the outside it is painted an almost puice color which is not one of my favorites and trimmed in dark forest green so it sticks out like a sore thumb among the quaint sedate colored gingerbread houses in the historic district.

Don also noticed and liked Garry's artist's cabinets that held his articles, artwork and ideas. Yes, Don pulled out the 1st drawer and looked! It looked very antique. Don told me that was what I needed. Would be nice.

I suppose if any artist could intimidate me, it would be Garry because he is so talented and so good at what he does yet I wasn't really intimidated. Now I felt more at home at Scott Taylor's Gallery for some reason. It was off the beaten path. It held not just his work, but others as well which were more on the abstract side. This was true of the Joseph House also. But you know where you feel comfortable and where you don't. Garry's gallery as all his work alone.

Don decided to wait in the truck while Rhett and I went into our last stop which was Gallery 808, owned by Dr. Eric Maddox and his wife Mona. Mona went to the same elementary school I did, but she was either older than me or was always in another classroom. Last time I saw her was at Emma Jean's funeral a few years ago. She was Emma's sister Marie's friend. Small world.

Dr. Maddox was a bit more hostlike and talkative so Rhett & I introduced ourselves. I told him Rhett and I were "blooming artists" (not blooming idiots! LOL) working on projects together now (since this last week). He suggested I attend an artist's guild meeting so I think I shall. To sum it up, Dr. Maddox as well as being a young artist, was also into music, pursued that as a career as well as teaching it before returning back to art. He now teaches art at Columbus University. Made me want to go back to college again and take more art classes.

I re-introduced myself to Mona knowning she looked familiar. I knew it was her for sure when I read a page about him on the hall table. I told her I had lots of questions and she told me to call Eric. Needless to say I left his gallery excited. It was like sticking my big toe in the ocean for the first time. Baby steps. But still a step forward in the direction of my dreams.

We went to the Cantina on Broadway for the very first time. The weather was just perfect. Not too hot. Not too cold for us three bears. Well, I certainly enjoyed the evening if no one else did. Rhett said he did. No comment from Don. Speaking of bears, they had a polar bear inside the Cantina with a Mexican hat on him. I made Rhett pose with his new haircut his Daddy got him. Hopefully it will be grown out by his birthday next month.

I just felt like all my N word photos N is for.... for ABC Wednesday and my Odd Shot just fell upon me from the heavens on Friday. It was unbelieveable. I love it when that happens. Too bad every day can't be like that.

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