Monday, April 7, 2008

My Tribute to Uncle Bert


I began this doodling around the time Uncle Bert was dying in the hospital. The little yellow mad face I drew the day he died on 3/28/08. Another friend was having surgery at the same time and was on the ground floor of the same hospital. I used my received stamp because I know he was received in Heaven that day. I'd like to think he was on the Ground Floor of Heaven upon his arrival. Uncle Bert retired twice in his lifetime. First from the army as a Master Sgt. having served in Germany, Korea and Vietnam then years later from a local cleaners after 20 years or service. The shirt just came to be then the wings came after. At 1st I was going to color the wings blue, but didn't care for the color of the blue marker. I changed my mind and colored the shirt with it instead. I need to find a photo of him to fit the shirt. I had all these circles that I filled in with the blue too. Not really sure about them, but they just kept coming as did the black triangles. I don't think I felt like I was going in circles.

My Aunt doesn't really get my art so she would not understand if I gave it to her. Still it is my tribute to my Uncle in my own way. I like it and hope he will too.

P.S. I printed my art work out as a photo at Walmart. The blues look electrical. They pop. In hindsight I probably should have colored more of the triangle shapes in blue so it would have looked more like stained glass. I don't think using white out on them would help because the marker wouldn't be the same shade. I guess I could always try paint.

C ~theRAV~
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