Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Morning

Well, I had a morning & a half...! As I was cleaing my glasses, they broke in the middle of the eye piece. I knew they couldn't be repaired. That nose bar was too small to attempt to nerd rig it with tape. LOL This happened just before I was about to leave to take Rhett to school. I made the mistake of calling into the "supervisor" to tell her. I know I have not written anything about her in awhile. Dumb me told her which Optical place I'd be stopping at as I stupidly said I needed my glasses especially before night time. I should have just called into main control. I learned my lesson. Now she told me to take my time.

Because today is Administrative Assistant Day, the warden was letting us off at 3 pm. We all would rather he bought us lunch or gave us a food gift card instead. LOL

I was not the 1st one at the optical shop. It took awhile to find a frame to fit my BIG old fashioned lenses which wasn't happening. They just don't make big frames any more. Then one pair was more than I wanted to pay. One really pretty pink pair, the lday took away from me because those were for "insurance" - whatever that meant. So I went with this grayish, silver, sort of see thru pair similiar to what I had only not as big. Don won't like them. I wasn't thrilled with them thinking they will make me look like an old lady. But one of the deciding factors was my sunglasses fit over them. Now I read some of my book - the newest in the highlander series by Janet Champion while they were grinding my lenses down to fit.

I had to get something to eat on the way to work which I ate in my car.

The other ladies greeted me and we were talking about what happened above - you know what nice co-workers and friends do. Then at 11:30 SHE comes by not asking about me or my glasses. Just lights into me with "You know the warden only allows us two hours and he's letting us off at 3 so you need to take that time away from yourself" since I am the Time Keeper. It really ticked me off. I have not been this mad in I don't know when. Probably since the last time she ticked me off. I was 38 hot. Now I had my BIG thick time book binder in my hand and wound up throwing it on the shelf. I guess it was better than throwing the book at her. LOL It was a good thing it was a sturdy shelf. Of course she knew I was PO'd. She can go to several dr's appointments all during the week and no time is taken away from her. I guess I need to keep a log on her. She is just jealous that I have time and she does not have any. So she is not happy until she gets our time taken away from us. I am NOT marking anything on mine for today. Tomorrow I will be talking to the Dep. warden when he returns. It is just not fair being treated the way she treats us.

Then she had the nerve to stand there and question me about just needing them for night like my going this morning was not necessary. I am nearsighted. Have been since elementary school. My mom says the measles settled in my eyes which is one of her many old wives' tales. I can only see so far down the road. My license requires that I wear my glasses whenever I drive, but I did not tell her that. I should not have to justify everything to her as if I am a criminal here. I did not ask my glasses to break. If I had known all this, I would have just taken the day off. My job in no way interfers with her's or anyone else's in the office.

Now I feel like such an idiot. This is just history repeating itself again. She is like a black widow spider, she lulls you into thinking everything is back to the way it used to be when she was more normal when I first started working with her. Little did I know then. You think she is better. She is being friendly. Then BAM! She strikes.

The other ladies went to lunch leaving me alone with her & I begged one of them not to leave. I could see me in another yelling match with her because I had not cooled off and she'd triggered me so I was ready for her. I was putting in orders as she walked by my desk, having the nerve to ask, "Did you get some pretty glasses?" You can't treat me like dirt one minute and expect me to carry on a normal conversation with you. I forced myself to say "YEP" but it wasn't pretty. I must have gotten my point across. She was leaving at 12:30 because she normally gets off at 2:30 due to our 2 hr prison break. She left without saying goodbye. Oh, how I cried. Yeah, right.


Josie said...

Oh, nooooo! You have a black widow spider too. I recently had my wallet stolen from my locker at work, but I was not permitted to take time from work in order to get everything replaced, I had to do it on my own time!!!!

You know the good thing? These people have to live with themselves 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We only have to see them for a few hours a day, and then the rest of the time we can b*tch about them. LOL

Too funny! You have my deepest sympathy. :-)

Josie said...

PS, I am going to add you to my blog roll.