Friday, April 25, 2008

Rhett's Accident & "Illy Nilly"

First of all, I want to thank all my friends as well as my email buddies who are my friends who replied and took my side to what happened with my version of "The Black Widow Spider II" since Josie actually has dibs on that title on her blog. Ya'll really made my day when I read your comments today after what happened on Wednesday when Rhett got hit directly in the face with a new dodge ball. Now some might say, "Aw, it was just a ball..." but still it was a direct hit to his head.

Now he smiled at his coach when he told him he got hit so the coach thought he was ok. I figure Rhett was trying to be a big, brave boy so the other wouldn't laugh at him. The coach put him back in the game. He did not make him sit down or anything.

Mom told me about it when I picked him up. He was pale with dark circles under his eyes. On the way to church he was complaining about his head hurting badly. He also said he legs were shaking which scared me. I thought he might be going into shock. We did not go to church, but went directly home. I waited for church to let out so I could call our nurse friend there. Rhett was hungry so I was going to fix him some ramen noodles in butter. Carole told me he could eat them, just not too much. She also said if he started throwing up, to take him to the ER. Well, he threw up so we went to the ER. That really, really scared me. Of course Don thought he threw up because of the noodles which is something he won't eat like we will, but what does he know! There was no way we were staying at home! I kept thinking what if he died in his sleep? I knew I would not be able to sleep, poking him every few minutes so he would move and I would know he was still alive.

Luckily they took us back immediately & the waiting room was full of folks. I am sure they all were cussing us out in their minds. They performed a cat scan which I told Rhett was like the gate in the movie/tv show "Star Gate" and maybe he would be transported to another time... He was very still for it which I was proud of him for his stillness for once in his life. He thought the wheel chair ride was cool too. So I think he may be over his fear of the ER. Just hope he doesn't want to go because it is cool now. Poor thing thought he was gonna die. Funny that a child would associate a hospital with dying.

They told us it would be 30 mins before we go the test results. They lied. It was more than an hour. Don finally went to see if they were ready because he said in his deep, authoritated voice, "We need to get the boy home to bed." Rhett was ok. No concussion - thank goodness. We got home at 12:35 am totally exhausted, but at least now I could sleep a little better.

I called out sick to work the next morning. First, I called to see if SHE, "The Black Widow Spider II" aka "illy nilly" as one friend called her, was in the office at 6:46 am. SHE was walking the halls. Probably gotten a free breakfast so she wasn't answering in her office. I waited a good 4 mins. I figured that was long enough to give the old girl. I tried. She didn't answer. Oh, welll... I called back to talk to an officer I went to high school with and told him to give her the message. I really did not want to talk to her. To hear all her questions; to hear the insincerity in her voice.

I took Rhett to school because I thought he was having dibbles testing which he did not have it. The hospital gave him an excuse not to go if I wanted him not to go. Too bad they didn't give me one too. LOL After dropping Rhett off, I had a little chat with his principal. Now I looked and felt like death warmed over. I was literally having a bad hair day and wore my black Creative Memories cap which I rarely wear unless my hair is dirty. I told her what happened. She apologized, said she would talk to the coach about it and have him call me. She did ask if we had insurance which of course we do, but she didn't offer to pay the $100 co-pay. She did say she would keep Rhett out of PE that day as not to over tax his injuries.

The coach did call me. I have never spoken to him before, but he sounded rattled. His voice was shakey sounding so I guess I scared him to death probably thinking it might end his career as a teacher. He apologized also. I just wanted them to realize a direct hit to the head is serious and should not be taken so lightly as they took it in Rhett's case.

I did call back later at work to ask one of the ladies if SHE got the message I wouldn't be in today and she got it, but I certainly did not want to talk to her. I slept some, but it was a weird sleep. I can't really describe it. It was like I would sleep for so long then wake up suddenly. Maybe I was so tired I was snoring and waking myself up. LOL I'd left the light on in the bedroom for some dumb reason so that probably didn't help. I didn't really accomplish much with my day off other than get a shower, do my hair, pick Rhett up from school and pay a bill.

Then today SHE comes up to me in the record's room all concerned about Rhett. I fell for it. I am such a sucker. There were two other officers sitting in there so I was nice and re-told our story. The officers were very nice and concerned about it too. Now I believed them. Yet in the midst of my explanation, I realize who I was talking to and my mind was telling me she was really not concerned. I wanted to say, "You don't really care." I know she was looking at me without breaking eye contact and I did not care to look at her. So she probably thinks I am lying because of this. But I have the hospital paperwork to prove I was not lying. Not that I really care.

Today SHE is all talkative as if nothing happened and nothing is wrong. I just answered yes and no's, not adding anything. She was playing her religious cd's also. Is this her way of asking for forgiveness or a way of paying pennance for her ugly actions? One friend said it was her guilt coming out.

Now I was calling her "The Black Widow II" because me new blogger friend Josie has one like her on her blog which is where I got the idea from. I just couldn't come up with a better term for her yet. I'd told Josie about my latest incident involving the Spider woman and she commented back on my blog and added me to her blog list which made my day. I think Josie has had it far worse than I have in the past. Still its nice to know I am not the only one.

My friend Cheryl gave me the "Illy Nilly" name. She said its because Spiderella is so wishey-washy. Nice one moment then striking unexpectedly the next. My friend Bob called her a Pit Bull. I am voting for "Illy Nilly". How about you?

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Neva said...

Don't you just hate people like that? I know I do....hence my one blog title....LET ME BE BLUNT>....and you pretty much know where you stand with me but the insincere crap you can have.....I am glad to hear that Rhett has recovered from his injury....and YES they should take it more seriously....I would go with the title for that is what she is...poisonious....otherwise...SW2 works for me!