Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Can I Sow Today?

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This post was inspired by a very creative soul known as McCabe who has a blog called:
http://dancingmermaid.blogspot.com/ I "met" her last year through the first postcard swap I participated in with Susannah of Ink on My Fingers at:
Or maybe it was the second one in the fall. Anyway I was catching up on her blog. She paints rocks from the sea and was selling them. She has been teaching art classes lately which has been very inspiring. She has been asking how we have been creative and asked us to share. So today I was able to do that.

I borrowed "Don't find the magic. Let it find you." Mainly because I was unsure if she said it or if the one of the girls she teaches came up with the idea. I did not know their names so I couldn't give credit where it was due. Sorry McCabe.

Well, I did not have any rocks handy or any paint. So when I am not creating something artistic, I tend to write which is my second love. My motivational calendar asked the question "What Can You Sow Today?" So I thought about it... I printed out my first thoughts on a thin, cheap pink ruled index card. Then I tried to print a blank postcard with my thoughts, but it didn't work. Some of my words were chopped off. Luckily I did print it out first. It wouldn't save what I typed it as a postcard so I had to save it as a Word Perfect document which changed the shape into your typical report type form. I made copies of what I printed, found a magenta colored sheet of card stock which I cut into a 4x6 card. It looks hot pinkish here. I adhered my words to the card stock. I left it unsigned. I was pretty happy with it. I was going to send it to a co-worker when I send some paper work but thought I'd like to get it colored copied first and I shall because I'd like to leave one in random places.

At home I was going to add some fancy rubber stamp but after playing with it, decided not to use it. Just let it be simple. Let the words speak for themselves.

I thought it would be neat if I did this random act of kindness, passed it on and others passed it on around the entire center where I work and who knows where else it may end up? A variation on a message in a bottle.

I'd also seen on another blog where others have made small cards like this or signs with one good sentence and left them at various places for other to find.

David, I guess this IS the way I keep my dark clouds at bay. It is the way I fill a blank postcard or page. I wasn't the least bit intimidated by it as the words began flowing. It was another one of those things that just happens with me and I love it!

Believe it or not, I am NOT reading a vampire book. I checked out Timepeace by Richard Paul Evans at the library. Of course the cover caught my eye at at first because of the antique pocket watch. I know you can't always judge a book by it's cover, but I am captivated with this one, devouring every word and I am only on page 59! It is a thin book so it shouldn't take me long to finish it. I'll give you my critique later....

What did you sow today?
How did you keep your dark clouds at bay?

I left it unsigned above, but I will sign it here...


Jo said...

My goodness, I LOVE it. What a wonderful thought. "What can I sow today?"

My BWS is being a real b**ch again. *sigh*

becky voyles said...

WOW! Thanks, Josie! Sorry to hear your BWS is being her true self again. I was thinking mine had one of her attitudes today.