Tuesday, August 19, 2008

E is for...



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Eeeks! It is time for E is for... for ABC Wednesday. I was sort of having a hard time with an E. Of course my first thought for an E was using Edgar, my Daddy and Everett (Rhett) again, but I used them last time. I remembered I had taken a lot of photos of street names that began with an E for my first go round of ABC Wednesday. I think I deleted those photos. I recall using a landmark sign called "Elon" which marked that subdivision I pass almost everyday. On that post, I mentioned the sign could use an extreme make-over. Well, it got one! LOL The brown background was recently repainted. I realized I could have done a before and after shot of Elon, but don't like repeating although I am fining a lot repeats in my life lately. That is another post...

Last Friday night we ate at the Speakeasy Pub per Rhett's request. It is his favorite place to eat now. Probably because of the video games. There I got some neat odd shots inside. I took this one of the Speakeasy sign on the way out. I'd thought of using it as another night Sky Watch, but thought it looked too dark. Last night I discovered a feature on Picasa called "I'm feeling lucky" which enlightened a few of my photos. I did not try it on this one yet.

When we drove over to Prattville, Alabama last Saturday, I attempted to take photos of things that began with the letter E while in Montgomery. Some were different than the E's back at home. There was an Easy $ place right next to a gas station called Entec. So that would have been a two-fer had I been able to capture the perfect angle but, I could not get it right.

Before we went to the Bass Pro Shop in Prattville yet again for the 3rd time this year, we stopped at a hunting/archery store where Don tested out his new Matthews replacement bow. On the inside of their door was this rug with an E word on it. It was a hunting brand they carried. As I reached for my camera, it fell out of my camera bag, hitting the cement floor! I know I stopped breathing. The tiny door that holds the memory card and battery flew open. I closed that and turned the camera on immediately to see if it would come on. It still worked. Thank goodness. I was extremely thankful. I have since uploaded photos and it seems to be okay.

I did have a neat Exit sign at Bass Pro which I forgot to add because it was a bit dark. I will have to retry the above mentioned feature in Picasa on it. I thought the exit sign was neat because it was different. It had a fish behind an opening. I guess I can save it for the next E is for... go round.

Monday night Rhett wanted burgers from Speakeasy yet again. I'd already eaten some of my mom's homemade dressing so I just got the guys kids burgers. When I place a to-go order there, I have to enter the bar part where Rhett is now allowed past the door. He plays video arcade games while I wait in that section. I hate it because the patrons are allowed to smoke in there. I realize it is a pub after all. But Georgia has a law now where you cannot smoke in restaurants. Unfortunetly Alabama does not have the same law. I guess because there is an actual door separating the areas, they can allow smoking.

While at the bar, I spied these matts where the bartenders set the drinks. It has an E word so naturally I snapped it. Please note: I am not promoting or condoning alcohol. I was just getting another E word. I think I successfully captured some different one this time.

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Texas Travelers said...

Great photos and terrific "E" post.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

Egrets don't have regrets and
Elfins are not fish and don't have fins.

becky voyles said...

Thanks for making me laugh Texas Travelers. Thanks for the comments and the visit.

Denise said...

Hey did I miss this yesterday (slaps herself round the room with a wet fish!)
Well I am here now honeybunch.
As ever your post made me giggle and brought a ray of sunshine into a dull wet day! Yes, it is a holiday weekend here in UK and we are expecting rain!

Thanks for your post & being part of ABC Wednesday.

becky voyles said...

Well, Denise I posted my words early but couldn't get back on then couldn't remember Mr. Linky until later last evening so you are not going crazy. Sorry you slapped yourself with a wet fish for nothing. LOL I am thrilled my post could make you giggle. I did my good deed for the day then.I loved the fact that I brought a ray of sunshine to your dull, wet day. Hurricane Fay is headed our way. Thank YOU for ABC Wednesday.

becky voyles said...
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