Sunday, August 24, 2008

For the Birds




copyright ~theRAV~

Yesterday and today I was on another very creative roll. I had been toying with the idea of putting a raven on my blog for theRAV and this is what I have come up with so far... I would like to add words to it that either has something to do with the Edgar Allan Poe poem "Quoth The Raven", but put my own spin on it to make it mine. I have several ideas running a marathon in my head. I am going for the gold. I am going to attempt to put it as a header on my blog as soon as I figure it out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hint. Hint.

I know scrapbookers are into the materials used for pages. I used a blue skylike paper from the Snowflake Collection Winder wisp from Studio 8 Paper Co. It was one of those double sided pages. It had a lavendar background with white snowflakes. I used a 3x5 card as a template. I know I can take it to Walmart and make copies of it cheaper than going to Office Max or wherever you get color copies made. I attempted to draw an eye directly on my black Creative Memories card stock. I started out with a silver pen I purchased at Wolf Camera which I totally love. I had a white fabric marker to fill in the whites of the eye but did not like my final result. I found some white card stock, asked Don to let me see his eyes so I could get an idea of how much pupil to show. I used one of my fave micro black pens either a #3 or #5 to draw the outline of the lids. I used Prisma colored pencils to color the eye, a light blue and an indigo; also two of my favorites. Then I cut it out then adhered it with my Creative Memories photo splits.

Don asked if that was his eye. I told him no. His eyes are brown where this one was blue. The 3x5 card I used as a template almost served as the background but it was hot pink. Rhett like that one but I thought because of the blue eye, it looked better on the blue. I cut out some clouds with the white card stock to put what I wanted to say. I took photos of if without adhering the clouds. I remembered I bought birds to go on this page so I began playing around with those as you can see... I felt the maroon bird needs a certain color yellow beak.

I liked the simpleness of the raven. It was again where less is more.

I printed all of these out at Walmart tonight. I forgot to take the original so I didn't get the one I really wanted. The color would have been truer had I remembered to take it. That is another Walmart trip.

I had a message on the phone from an artist guild member asking the title of the artwork I will be submitting for the show. I told her " I love Ewe". It really made it seem more real to me. I am going to be in an art show! She asked the price I was asking for the piece. I don't know what price to put on it especially since it was something I initially made for my granddaughter Wesley Rose. How do you put a price on that? Priceless. I still have some work to do on it; finishing touches.

I am just so excited about all my creativity!!! The ideas are still running laps in my head. I need to go buy more of this paper at the scrapbook store.
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Rambling Woods said...

I am not creative like that but I can appreciate what you created.

becky voyles said...

Gee thanks, Rambling Woods. I really appreciate your comments.