Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Episode

On Thursday after work, I rushed to pick up our computer modem that was repaired. I can now get on my blog. YEA! Rhett was not ready when I got to mom's so I had to wait on him to change his clothes. We rushed home so Rhett could get his glass chess set to take to play... All the rushing gave me one of my headaches and I left my Alleve in my big bag at home.

Thursday night we had a great visit with my best friend Genie and her son Tony at Johnny Carino's. Rhett brought along his glass chess game so he and Tony could play. Tony ordered calamari which Rhett would not try. It was very good and different tasting from that I had at Red Lobster. This tasted more like shrimp. We laughed a lot, talked about ancestory and had a good time as always. We departed at about 10 pm. We didn't close the joint down, but I am sure our waitress was more than ready for us to leave. She'd probably never had chess players before. Rhett beat Tony who is in his 20's!

On the way home, we rode by the PCPD so Don could show me which door to use to pick up the police report for the second robbery. Not many lights were on so no one was home. This will prove significant in a bit...

You would think I would still be basking in the after-glow of our wonderful evening from the night prior but... on Friday morning I had to call in work to tell Illy Nilly I would be a bit late. So I had another episode with her and I wasn't even at work yet! She nastily said, "If you feel you must." I explained Don was working over time on the weekends and could not do this. Then Mrs. Know It All tried to tell me the police department was always open. Even the one is Columbus is open 24-7 according to her. Now I beg to differ since we did ride by there the night before. It may be open, but the records room is not. So I got an attitude with her. Then she told me I never ask off - so go ahead.

As soon as I hung up the phone, my shakey hands dialed the PCPD. Luckily someone answered before 8 am. Their hours of operation are 8-5 M-F. I even called Columbus just to satisfy my curiosity. They are open for things such as this from 7-7. I took my S-L-O-W sweet time. I actually got the report for free for some unknown reason instead of being charged $2, but I am not complaining.

Later as I was eating my lunch which an officer had brought back from Zaxby's, Illy stopped by my desk to see what I was eating. Now she as going to be all nice as if she'd done nothing wrong. She asked me what I was eating. My answers were short and curt. "Chicken salad."

It is just not fair I have to put up with such rudeness from someone. It just kills my soul that she had yet another dr's appointment this Friday as she did last Friday. What was the big deal about me being a little late when she had a dr's appointment? What she doesn't know is she was getting charge for last week's dr's appointment which will cause WWIII if she finds out. I started locking up the time book, but I forgot to lock it Thursday and Friday. Got to be more careful.

My friends tell me I have got to stop letting her get to me. Transferring to another department is not an option. My mom raised me not to let folks run me off; to stand my ground. I have survived worse than this. I have survived my car radiator exploding on me, I have had surgeries and I have had a baby. I survived bladder surgery. I am woman. I am invincible. Hear me roar! LOL

I did not want to ruin my Sky Watch with this tale.

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