Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Let's Do Lunch" card


Copyright ~theRAV~

And here I was wondering what to post about today... This morning I saw some birds on a wire. One was facing in one direction and the other beside it was facing in the opposite direction. The image stuck in my mind most of the day. I did a rough draft on a note pad using the blue line to trace as the power line. I cut that out, cutting around the blue line so there were no more. I knew it would not look good just glued to blue paper. Then I thought this would look better on blue paper as if the birds were actually up in the sky. So I began...Next I knew I could get a cotton ball, pull it apart to make a cloud having actually done this before with my "I Love Ewe" drawing I drew for Wesley Rose's birthday last year. Of course I drew the power line with a ruler and freehanded the birds with a worm in each of their mouths. I know it is empty at the bottom. Then the title hit me... "Let Do Lunch" and knew it would make a great card. I did it all in a matter of minutes. Love it when that happens. I got so excited I had to take a picture of it immediately. I sent it out as gmail to some of my friends. Could this count as a Sky Watch photo/post? LOL
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Rambling Woods said...

Adorable card...

becky voyles said...

Thank you so much Rambling Woods.