Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Illy Nilly Incident # Re: the Copier

Yesterday was my son's first day of fifth grade. I had to help him with his bags of school supplies. I had informed Illy Nilly I would be late to work. Another lady had to be in court. Now Illy had been out sick the day before. I thought she had a bit of an attitude when I came in to work. When I arrived, there were messages in my chair. One stated a copier was not functioning. So I do what I always do, place a service call on line.

I did not go out to lunch but was going to fix myself a sandwhich with what I had on hand in our breakroom. Illy had gone to lunch. I went to get some chips out of the snack machine. When I came back, I am joking and laughing with one of the nice officers. The copier man who used to dance with my best friend Penny was on the phone for me. He wanted to know what the problem was. I told him all I knew was it was not working. I asked him if he'd like me to connect him to the control room where it was located so he could ask them himself. I thought it was pretty professional myself.

All of a sudden this hateful voice comes out of Nilly's office, "Well, why didn't you walk down there and see what was wrong with it?" Excuse me. I do not work for Ikon. I do not know how to repair copiers. They do not pay my salary. I am standing in shock although I should not be shocked by now. I know my mom would have quickly asked her, "Why don't you go do there and see?" But I can't think that fast. Carefully watching my words, I said, "The copier man is on his way."

I did not appreciate this at all. I do not talk to others like this.

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