Wednesday, August 6, 2008

C is for... Change



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The first C word that came to my mind was the word Creative. I could just see the word so clearly in my mind's eye as a fancy font in the Coca-Cola style of writing. Can't you just picture it? I had been creative earlier this week. Please refer back to my previous post entitled "What Can I Sow Today?" Let me know what you think.

Then I remembered I had taken some C pictures last week all in one location across from the library, but not all turned out the way I saw them through the camera's lense. A new CVS store had been recently constructed . This CVS had several signs out front as well as one of those changing billboards that was advertising Chick-Fil-A to the left hand side, but it didn't show up in my photo so I deleted it. Sorry. In the center was Country's barbecue, THE best barbecue in Columbus which was behind CVS. There was a new huge billboard for the new CVS above it all that referred to it as "The New Kid on the Block" which I thought was cute>. I liked the idea of the ABC blocks used, thinking it was perfect for ABC Wednesday. It also had something about CBS Broadcasting in a smaller font towards the bottom left hand side of the billboard. This would have made a great Sky Watch photo but alas, I used it here instead. Then the CVS store had a digital sign that simply said, "CVS" on it. Since the store is not open yet, it was not scrolling words. So I would have had 5 C's in one place if it had worked our right. Oh, well...

I think I am getting Alzheimer's because I completely forgot about these C word photos. This is my second senior moment this week which is a bit scarey.

Yesterday I picked up lunch from China First Buffet. As I was leaving, I snapped a quick shot of their sign, but chose not to post it. I know David and Josie used Chinatown as their C word.

Today was Rhett's first day back at school; his first day of fifth grade. You would have thought it was mine because I changed clothes twice before we left the house! I had on cropped pants which showed off my ghostly white ankles. I figured I would freeze my feet off at work in my matching sandals so I changed into a new pair of black slacks I bought on sale at Dillard's for $9.75! They are constructed like jeans only they are made of thin cotton material. They have cool zippers on the ankles. I am going to go back to buy another pair! I kept on the hot pink top I first donned.

The first day of school is always chaos and seems to get more chaotic each year. By the time I got back to my car after helping Rhett carry in his supplies, my air pits were as wet as when I was in the shower earlier. I went back to the house to change yet again. I'd also bought a new soft cotton pink t-shirt for $5, but it was too big and made me look fat. I was beginning to feel like Goldilocks. Too cold. Too hot. Too big. Nothing just right. I reapplied more deodorant and settled on another pink blouse.

Hope Rhett had a great first day today. I was contemplating giving him a treat this evening to celebrate. Walgreens sells smaller Webkins for $6.99. He wants a cow this time around. He says he can get some sort of special Webkins cash with it. I'd told him he'd have to wait til pay day, but I changed my mind much like I changed my clothes! So I guess my C is really about change. Normally I do not like change. I like things to remain the way they are.

Had another Illy Nilly episode over a copier problem, but that is another post.

Today I am thankful gas came down in Columbus. I got it for $3.64. I'd left my gas cap hanging, but did not know about it until a Sgt called to tell me at 4 pm!

If you would like to participate in ABC Wednesday, please go to the following... or


ArneA said...

Change seems to be in in USA at the moment.
To be honest I cannot manage the type of any of your presidental candidates this year.
One is toooo old and the other tooooo pastoral.
I liked Hilary She is a great woman

Texas Travelers said...

Great ABC post with the signs.
Nice photos.

Well done.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

becky voyles said...

Thanks Texas Travelers for the kind comments and the visit.