Thursday, August 7, 2008

Illy Nilly Incident # 2 this Week

I had orders to be put in the system. I have a new laudry office to deal with who does not have current correct prices and vendors. I couldn't get a fax to go through to a vendor. I had papers scattered all across my two 2 desks or an open cubby which I wish had walls to shut others out! A Sgt came up joking, "You've got papers scatterd everywhere." I replied, "That's because I'm doing three things at once." I was making copies for the new laundry officer who was supposed to be on his way up to my desk. I thought nothing of what the Sgt said.

Then the voice of Illy Nilly had to put her unwanted and uncalled for two cents in again. "Well, that is what we all do around here. Welcome to Admin." No one could believe she said this. No one was talking to her. The conversation was between me and him. NOT her. I had several witness this time. At least three. So now I am keeping a running record. I feel I must do this.

I was told later that her comment made me look mad as hell. I hate that she can make me feel and look with such hatred. Is it soon going to get to the point where I need to take a Valium just so I can come to work? No! I will not let her do that to me!

Maybe I should chant "Stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me." My mom always say, "Well, you can't eat me!" If only I could laugh in her face...

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