Friday, July 13, 2007

Quote From "The Notebook"

"In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you, and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry, I cry, and when you hurt, I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the flood of tears and despair and make it through the potholed streets of life."
-Nicholas Sparks-

Today I am grateful for all my words. The words I read. The words I wrote myself then and now. The words my friends share with me and the ones I share with them. I am thankful for all my journals, poems, etc. I knew back when I was writing them, I was doing so for posterity and I am glad now just in case... (god forbid!) that I become one of the many countless victims to fall under Alzheimer's cruel grip. Perhaps I can go back through them all and be able to remember myself and the ones I love.... Or my granddaughters can read of my angst of trying to fit in as a teenager and a lonely adult just wanting and waiting for love to come... Even though I was a late bloomer and everything came late to me in life, I am still thankful for all that I have and know that I am trully blessed. I am blessed with wonderful frienships that have lasted decades, long past quarters of centuries now. I still am blessed with wonderful parents that are l living and still support me in any way they can. I am blessed with a husband whom I love and who loves me. I am blessed with the best son I could have ever had. He is my joy and my life. If he is not making me laugh, he is amazing me with the things he says. He just blows me away some days. We had the most intelligent conversation on Wednesday's drive to church. I know that one day he will be so much smarter than me. That day may be a lot sooner than I think. He already serves as my memory when I can't remember certain things now. I pray it is not the beginning of Alzheimer's. It is a thought as scarey as cancer. But like Scarlett O'Hara, I won't think of that today. "I'll think of it tomorrow." Today I will just be grateful for all that I have.

Quotes of the day:

This moment, these circumstances will never come again.
-Peter R. Stone-

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
-George Bernard Shaw-

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