Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Friday I had to register Rhett for 4th grade. It was a lot different this time. Less crowded & quiet so we did not see any of his previous teachers which was disappointing. We will attend a tea or a get acquainted thing the day prior to when his classes begin. I will have to get off work early in order to be there at 5 pm which shouldn't be a problem. I just have to take all his new supplies with we go. At least I won't have to buy him clothes since his friend Alex gave him two sackfuls of clothes. (When I think of sackfuls, I think of Krystals which makes me want some right now!) A lot of the clothes are way too big for him. What was Alex's mom thinking when she gave him a pair of size 10 Husky jeans? Rhett will never be husky- thank goodness. We plan to pass those on to Austin if we go up to Indy at the end of August. So I am grateful for the clothes and the $ I will save.

We ate supper at Country's on Broad. The tea they kept bringing us was not sweat. They usually have some of the best tea in town. After the 3rd glass which was still not sweat enough, I finally added a lot of sugar to mine. Rhett even told me to "Stop!" That should have triggered a good Red Lobster memory with my cousins Mike & Ken, but it didn't until I posted this now. I don't mean to complain all the time and get irritated by people who do. I didn't mean to complain about the entire meal, but even the 1,000 island dressing tasted as if they put too much of something in it... like maybe too much ginger? Don complained about the cornbread being small, flat pieces. Rhett got some free cornbread and his was bigger than his Daddy's! Don said the next time we will go to the one on Macon Rd! I should be a food critic. Wonder if it pays anything? Maybe it would involve a free meal. I would love to take cook classes too. If I were a chef, I would not serve measured, measly meals.

Don went to bed early because he had to work the next day. After he went to bed, I attempted my new nail idea... I painted my nails white with the 99 cent nail polish I purchased. After it dried, I put another drop of white on my nail and a drop of what I thought was black, but it was some weird shade of a deep red, purplish color. I took a toothpick and swirled them to get a marbelized effect. Only my right pinkie finger had the effect I had in mind. Maybe I should get a job as a nail tech.... NAH! I did my nails for a little over $2 while others pay $10 or more. Maybe $5 for just polishing.

Sat morning I was playing Book Worm on Rhett's game boy. I got to Super Book Worm level which is the highest you can go on it. I had over 1, 780,000 points and got past level 32! I was so proud of myself. Rhett couldn't believe I got that far. He helped me a little when he saw how far along I was on it. My friend Kevin said that was quite an accomplishment & showed how intelligent I am. WOW!

Then we went to see "Meet the Robinsons" at the cheap movie. It was good. It brought tears to my eyes twice. I wanted to see it because I thought it would be funnier than "Spiderman 3". I simply must stop buying the movie combos and eating ALL the buttered popcorn. I say that every time we go & what do I do... buy the combo.

We came home with another bag of popcorn for Don's supper (Not!). I began re-reading the manual for the digital camera. This time I stayed awake. Rhett nearly drove me up the walls while the battery was charging, making me yell at him. Then we watched the "Princess Diaries 2". We got the camera operating in between commercials. I took some of Rhett, he took one of Don. I wouldn't let him take one of me because I was having a bad hair day. I took several of the collage for the church family that is leaving next month. Rhett took a picture of Blackie, his favorite black bear his Cissy gave him and his lamb clan. I took pictures of my new polish I did and my toe nails Tatum painted. I love the fact that I can delete the bad phots. Just happy I got it working.

Sun afternoon I worked more on the collage. Since I'd broken my toe, I didn't feel like working on it. I don't want to feel rushed to finish it, but some of the people are not leaving until 8/18. As I was stategically placing pieces, I had an epiphany... instead of filling in ALL the white spaces, why not let the other members sign their names when we give it to them? I asked my friend Nancy who helped me with it what she thought of the idea and she liked it. Don also liked it as does the preacher's wife.

I'd shown the picture of the collage to t Larry, our preacher after the evening service. He really liked the black and white section in the middle of the collage. With this new camera, I can make him a copy of it - after I figure out how to print them!

Tiffany liked my nails and asked me how I did them like that.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn't work on the collage any more because I had 2 sharp bladder pains that had me sitting up straight on the couch. After the 2nd one, I took a Vesicare. So my epiphany sounds even better now!

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