Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Coloring for the Lord


Work day at church. Outside for Don & the other men while the ladies, tweens, teenagers and young adults worked on VBS stuff. We used the letters I'd bought for Rhett's last poster that were too big for his project. The store was closing so I could not return them. At least they were not a total loss of my money. Then I colored with markers. Colored for the Lord. I really enjoyed being artistic. Darren and I were told we were perfectionists because we would keep stepping back to study our work. Mrs. Katherine said, "Imagine that!"

By the time we got home, a headache began but I took some Alleveb because I hd to pay 2 bills. Don got a haircut. Rhett went to mom's. I got new oufits! One blouse will be my Mother's Day present from my guys. That way I get something I want. Everything I bought was black and white except for a navy blue and white floral sleeveless pants set I'd been eyeing for months. ALL ON SALE! I went with the intention of buying yellow bubbly top that requires on ironing but it didn't do anything for me once I tried it on. Don couldn't believe my Mother's Day blouse will be black and white. No pink. Weird. The world as I know it may be coming to an end.

Quote of the Day:

What measure do you use for being happy? -Peter R. Stone-

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