Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Thursday's Thankfulness

I suppose I should have put my friend Katharine's picture of us at Genie's father's funeral on here as one of my many blessings and things I am thankful for, but I may use it later for my K is for... post of ABC. Sending that photo of us to Genie really helped Genier and am I so glad. Do you have to have someone's permission to put their picture on your blog?

I want to thank my blogger friend Nancie of "More Than Conquerors" for some inspiration for my sympathy cards I am making to send to Genie, her cousin Penny, my other best friend and Penny's mom who is Genie's aunt, sister to her father who passed away last week. Got all that? If someone dies who we are close to, I always say, "Your loss is our loss" on the inside of my cards. Nancie told me that our loss is Heaven's gain! How cool is that? Nancie's blog is listed on my side bar, but most of you Thankful Thursday folks probably already know her.

This week I am still so very thankful to be here after hitting my head hard enough to bleed Sunday morning as I posted in a previous post. Our preacher asked, "How's the head?" I told him in my deadpan seriousness, "Well, it is still on." Although sometimes I wonder... LOL I was very careful when gently washing my hair. I had to literally wash & go because I could barely comb the top. Luckily I didn't look like a "frizzled chicken" as my momma says. Thank goodness the wet look is still in style.

The other week or so Rhett had a really bad headache. The worst one he has ever had. It was so bad he cried. The next day I made him an appointment for his yearly well child check-up. His appointment was on Tuesday. In the waiting room, I drew more abstracts with the BIG marker like I did at the PC art studio last Friday night. (I'll upload them later.) I asked him if he wanted to draw another one. He'd drawn one that looked like the bottom section of a roller coaster or a pier with blue skies as the background and I was very proud of him. More mother/son artwork. Priceless. I just have to learn to let his art be his and mine be mine. Sort of like letting the Lord's will be... His and not mine. Rhett was too nervous to draw. He gets this from my Daddy and myself. I think I made 2 & a half of these abstracts before they called us back to the exam room.

Rhett is almost as tall as me now. He is 4'7". I told the nurses and the dr about his headaches. I'll have to start keeping a journal or diary of them for the next 2 months. What better place to do that then here on my blog! If there are a lot of them, he may have to be prescribed something for migraines or see a neurologist. Poor baby had to get 2 shots in the same arm which left a bruise. His Dr is Indian so Rhett didn't understand him when he said "shots". He did pretty good. I figured he would do better with me than his father.

After his tramatic dr's visit, Rhett got to spend time with one of his church friends who no longer lives here. After work, we had to go to his 1st band meeting. We had to buy his book for this class which will be delivered on the first day of school to his new school. We were blessed to be able to borrow his older brother's trombone, but it wasn't sliding well. It has to be worked on which was an expected bill, but it is better than paying over $600 for a used trombone!

Alex's dad came and got him while we were talking about the trombone. We were pretty involved in our conversation since it had to be taken to Dothan, Alabama to be fixed! We noticed they were gone without a goodbye or a thank you. Brian had invited his son to our house even though I had told him it was a very busy day. We all commented on their non goodbyes with disbelief. We would NEVER do something like that. This is a fine example for Rhett to ALWAYS remember to say thank you. We were furnished a free Chick-Fil-A sandwhich and I was thankful I didn't have to cook supper. LOL I have a free coupon for another one that expires tomorrow! LOL Its a good thing Don likes them.

We had a baptism at church on Monday night and we are indeed thankful for our new brother in Christ, Graham.

I was very thankful for all the ideas that came to me for my Bible class as I posted in my previous post. Please feel free to use the prayer card I created and shared.

Rhett had another headache yesterday. I had 20 questions and he had no answers. The most I got out of him was "I don't know." At least he took a baby asprin this time instead of waiting until I got home. Just didn't know when so I could give him another one.

I had a rough day at work today, but thankfully not because of Illy and it is over now. I had papers scatterd everywhere! I had to fix things. Someone was always calling or wanting something; wanting me to put in their computer problems in the system to IT. I finally stopped with the fourth request late this afternoon because it takes so long! The phone wasn't being answered when I was trying to fix a problem I'd been working on all day. I was not a happy camper. I held it all in which is why I am venting here. Sorry. I am not one to admit I have a problem or ask for help until I am near the end of my rope. I'll try to fix something until I cannot and have to ask for help. Now I have one of Rhett's headaches.

Don got a book on his family which he has been staying up til 3 in the morning reading! He found someone named Orange Brown in it! LOL

Rhett & I have stayed up late watching re-runs of "The Nanny". I think I need to stop & get more sleep so I won't get ill as a hornet as I could have easily done today. I know today's post was supposed to deal with summer and what I was thankful for about it, but I just don't feel summery today. Our roses have bloomed far longer this summer than they normally do and I AM thankful for that small blessing. I figure they won't bloom at all next year.

I realized I did enjoy going to our oldest daughter's pool this summer. For all the lovely watery photos I was able to take, I am indeed thankful.

My friend Bob once gave me this quote of his I'll leave you with, "If the flowers bloomed all at once, the birds would get confused!"

I hope you have had a terrific Thankful Thursday filled with lots of things to be thankful for. If you would like to participate in Thankful Thursday, please go to the following....


PERBS said...

Roses will bloom every year if you cut them back in the fall when they have stopped blooming. They will gtow again like weeds and be even prettier next spring and summer.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks for the tip, Paulie. I think my husband must have cut them back since they were so bountiful. I don't think they can get much prettier. I had a field day photographing them.