Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thoughts for Today

Yesterday I found something neat at T J Maxx.... (Love that store - the old one & the new one!) It was a ceramic bisque jar with a lid, but not varnished to shine like most what-nots. It had Lucy & Ethel from "I Love Lucy" on the lid. It could hold a few trinkets, but not many; not as many as I have. You wind it up and it plays the Lucy theme song. I've always loved that theme. There was a disco version of it in the 70's or 80's called "Disco Lucy". I believe Ricky even sang words to it on the older version, not the disco one. I remember hearing it once upon a time. I've got you humming the song now, don't I? What was your favorite tv theme song? Or any theme song for that matter?

Lately I have been thinking... that more trees need to be planted to provide shade especially in the summer heat. So if I were President, that would be one of my first acts in the White House - plant more trees besides paint a room pink! LOL With this heat, I try to find a shaded parking place even if I have to walk further. I was lucky enough to be able to do that twice today. Remember how trees were everywhere when you paid to park downtown? Of course there was a terrible starling problem due to those trees, but at least there was shade to provide respite from the summer's heat.

Rhett & I have been watching re-runs of "The Nanny", laughing and loving them. I remembered Fran marrying Mr. Sheffield, but Don & I must have stopped watching it and missed the episodes of her being pregnant with TWINS! I remembered the butler's name was Niles. There was also Niles, the brother on "Frazier" at about the same time. I remember Don and I talking about that way back then. I also thought Fran's grandmother, Yetta, played Millie, Laura's best friend on "The Dick Van Dyke Show". I verified this today and I was right. Yeah me! Aren't I just a wealth of tv trivia today? LOL If you need a good laugh, try to catch an episode of "The Nanny" - that is if you can get past her nasaly voice. By the way, I can do a good impression of the nanny! Maybe I should put it on our answering machine. LOL Still I think it is good to go back and watch some of these old shows as well as those even older ones on Nick. Of course the much older ones might bring back pleasant memories for you. Maybe I am just in a nostalgic mood as I am listening to Michael Buble.

What are your thoughts for today? Any nostalgic moments?

I am not participating in ABC Wednesday today as I do not have nary an X word except for T J Maxx, but I do have a really good Y word for next week. So all you ABC'ers check back next week.


PERBS said...

I don't remember things like that anymore. . . so when I see an old show, it is all new to me! I like Pery mason re-runs.

becky aka theRAV said...

I remember watching his show but I was never a big fan of it. I liked his later shows. I just heard that he was gay!