Thursday, July 9, 2009

"The Story of My Life in Pictures"

I had THE perfect photo for ABC Wednesday that I wanted to post, but I still haven't uploaded any pictures to the computer so I guess I can save it for the next go round since I have missed so much. Then I thought maybe I was only meant or supposed to post on Thankful Thursday this week. That maybe this is where the Lord is leading me... He blessed me with wonderful pictures of our family over the 4th of July holiday at Elisa's pool. I got a mermaid, mermaid tears and an awesome dragonfly. I showed these pics to my co-workers this week not just to hear their ooh's and aw's or compliments. Just felt like sharing because they made me feel good; these gifts from God. Even Don said the dragongly was really good. My mom really liked the pic I took of my red toenails in the aqua water! LOL It amazes me that small things like this make me the happiest. What makes you happy?

It has been a rough week dealing with my Aunt Va in the nursing home up the road from work. I am so thankful for my husband who drove my Daddy to see her after her case worker called because she was asking where was her her brother & why hasn't he been to see her. She also claimed he had some of her property which he does not.

I told my mom I was threadbare Tuesday after a Monday and a half, but I wasn't at the end of my rope about this situation yet. Just tired that as a neice I had to deal with it whereas her kids in Idaho were not dealing with it. Mom again asked Don to call Aunt Va's oldest son who had not made up his mind if he should come or not. There would be no second thought about it in our lives. This made me thankful I was raised the way I was; that family comes first; that you take care of each other no matter what even if you may not like the person. I am thankful I have a husband who knows what he is supposed to do; that he knows to step up to the plate when needed as he has done this for my family a lot lately.

I was thankful I wrote another poem this week. I knew when I wrote it yesterday that I wanted to use it for today's Thankful Thursday's post but I was having trouble pulling it up to post. I will try again...

"The Story of My Life in Pictures"

Missed my early morning photo shoot
One second in time
The Story of my life
in pictures.
Pot holes of life being repaved
A Slight delay
Another second in time
Idling over Bull Creek.
Ah, the smell of fresh tar first thing in the morn...
Perhaps this was not the path I should seek
at least not this morning.
But there will be others....
won't there?
The road will be clearer
won't it?
Hopefully less bumpy
but I doubt it.
Is there such a thing as a smooth ride?
Getting off to a good start
sharing my art
my dragonfly,
my mermaid and mermaid tears.
The story of my life
in pictures
with very few self-portraits.

Over 1,000 photos taken since April 4th
3 months worth
333.33 a month?
Almost a picture a day.
My life story
in pictures.

Lost my heart ring
but at least it wasn't my heart.

My ring is found!
I am so lucky
and so very thankful!
The Lord
and all my guardian angels were looking out for me.
I also found 13 cents
so I am richer than I was.
~copyright by Becky Bristow Voyles~


Denise said...

Great poem sweetie, praying for you. I love you.

Angela said...

That was so beautiful Becky..thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are very gifted...

Angela said...

thank you so much for leading me to your other blog..WOW..I loved it. Now I will be stopping by there also to view what you will share...Thanks for that great idea of sharing on my blog..never even thought of it, but I have noticed many bloggers do this...oh I'm so happy of your wisdom that you have shared with me...

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you Denise. I am glad you liked my poem. Love you too.
And Thank you, Angela. I don't think any one has ever called me gifted before so thanks very much for that. I will add it to my list. I have been called boisterous and stoic before. LOL So glad I was able to help you. Now pray it works for me also.

PERBS said...

Interesting poem! I also wrote a poem this past week about TIME. I am anxious to see your dragonfly -- I have only "caught" one and that was on my old blog. Remember, when the road gets bumpy, God helps us ride it through!

becky aka theRAV said...

I'll check your poem out, Paulie. I like doing art about time, making it look antique. "Caught" LOL I like that. Never thought of that. I like what you said. I may use it on my wall art. When I get it done, I'll let ya see it. Thanks for the words & inspiration.