Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Week's Thankfulness

I had every intention of doing Odd Shot Monday but did not. Nor did I begin ABC Wednesday with one of my abstracts for the letter A. Instead I am back for Thankful Thursday.

I started to say it was hard to be thankful this week with the death of my best friend's father. Then I remembered how thankful I am for my mother who is always nice to all my friends. Who treats them as her friends as well as her children. She would never be rude to them, but ask them why they haven't been to see her. She would tell them to come on over. She'd let them talk to me with out any snide comments whatsoever. I realize everyone does not have the wonderful mother I do and I am sorry for them.

I am thankful for my "real" friends who don't tell me to stop emailing them because their in box is full. I am thankful for my friends who enjoy me, my emails and my art. I am thankful for my friends who are willing to be my defenders when others say & do things that hurt me or my feelings. I love them for this. But I feel I must fight my own battles or decide the battle is not worth the fight for life is too short.

I am thankful I got to see old friends at the funeral I have not seen in years and years. I am thankful I am not as a gray as some of them. LOL I am thankful for the photo take with our old friends, Katharine who has not aged any. This reminded me we need to stay in touch with our friends.

I am thankful for how my best friend Genie handled the funeral. She reminded me of Jackie Kennedy with her poise, grace, elegance and composure. I would have been a basket case.

The funeral made me realize this was a preview of my father's.... Our fathers shared so many things. They attended the same church so they have been friends far longer than Genie and I have been since our cradle roll days. They were at Pearl Harbor together. Her father in the Navy while my Daddy was in the army. Daddy had to have his appendix removed during the bombing and was later sent to recoup at a hospital in Germany which is why I am here today. They were in a club together and attended the same Sunday school class. Genie's father's funeral was one of the best I have attended. It was directed at her and her mother to let them know how much he loved them.

I am thankful her father is no longer suffering, but has gone on to Heaven where I know he was smiling down with pride yesterday.

I am thankful I was able to share a fond memory via email with Genie about her father. He drove us to our out of town football games back in high school. I was the one who made him laugh. Genie said that was a feat because he never laughed, but he always laughed at me. I can't imagine why?

I am so very thankful for my family.

What are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday? If you would like to participate where the theme is Victory, please go to the following....

By the way "Victory in Jesus" is one of my very favorite hymns.


Denise said...

Sweetie, I am very sorry for the loss of your best friends father. Our loss is heavens gain.

More Than Conquerors said...


Thank you for sharing your thankful hearts with us. Sorry to know of the loss of your best friend's father. Thank God for blessing you with many wonderful friends. Missed you so. Take care and have a blessed weekend!


Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. I said a prayer for you today.

Take care,

becky aka theRAV said...

Denise! I loved what you said..."Our loss is heaven's gain." I will have to pass that on to my friend or I may put it in a card. Her loss is my loss. Thank you so much for that. Hi Nancie! Great to "hear" from you again. Yes, thank God for blessing me with so many wonderful friends. You are one of them. I have missed you to so it is a real treat to hear from you. Thank you Karen. I asked for prayers on Genie and her family's behalf but to get a prayer said on my behalf thanks to you is undescribeable. Thanks.

PERBS said...

My condolences also. . .

I am thankful our community room has two computers that I can temporarily use when my own acts up until I can save enough for a new one. I had enough but I chose to go camping with katney so have to save more now. I also bought a new camera.

I am NOT thankful for the 107 degrees today tho. sigh

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks for your condolences, Paulie. Greatly appreciated. I know you are thankful for those computers. I know what that is like. I used to have to go to the library. This is a tax free weekend here in GA. Wish we had the $ to get a lap top for under $400. How is the new camera working out for you? I wouldn't be thankful for 107 degre weather either! Its been in the 90's here.