Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Art Magazine

Yesterday I was at Jo-Ann's. I grabbed one of their 40% off coupons. I got a small rock that had the word "thyme" on it much cheaper than the tag price. I plan to use it on some of my time collages. LOL They had scrap book papers on sale 6 for 96 cents. 16 cents a piece! I got watery seaside ones where I plan to put my colorfulful fish on top and take digital pictures of them. I got a clear sympathy stamp for $1. At the magazine counter, I saw a neat new one I'd never seen before. It is called "Somerset Studio" - the art of paper and mixed media. I used my coupon towards it since it is $8.99 regular price. By the time I checked out, I spent a little over $9! I was so proud of myself. It was almost like stealing the magazine!

This magazine is WONDERFUL or at least it is for me. Nearly every page has a neat idea. Each article of the person who wrote or created the artwork has a website to go to. I'd probably be on the computer a year just checking everything out! LOL All very inspiring. So if you get a chance, check it out.

Penny, there is an artist named Rena Askey from Wisconsin who did a piece of art that she wants to inspire hope into the lives of all who seek a cure for cancer as well as see to find a place of peace. It is entitled "A Leg to Stand On". She has an email address which may lead to a website.

There is page after page of amazing stuff that makes you want to pick up a paint brush or start collaging. I am going to attempt to paint a red rose on some old newspaper, but first I am cooking Don a peach pie. 1st attempt at one. He kept "helping". The last time he did that, it was the ugliest cake I ever made for Nathan's birthday present. I have the pictures to prove it! Turned out to be great scrapbook pages of our life.

I have got to get over my fear of color AND start collaging in layers. Get over my fears of not entering my are out of fear of rejection.

This mag gives you 4 atrist's papers to work with. There are lots of retreats to attend if you are so inclined and could afford them. Some even in Italy! I haven't checked out any of them yet & am afraid to see the prices. A few are online. There seems to be a lot held in Wisconsin and Colorado. There was one in North Carolina but it is around the time of the Columbus Artist Guild's show.

Tomorrow I plan to attend the Phenix City Artist Guild meeting from 2-4 at Idle Hour park in the white building. Just to check it out.

There was an article in the one entitle "Begin" where the artist Jill K. Berry used small canvas squares to spell out the letters to that word. I learned something... she used a Sketch & Wash pencil which I had never heard of before. It is a graphite pencil that activates with water, so it will blend in with the paint. She only used 5colors. There is a contest of sorts for submissions of what you can come up with using this word. It has to be mixed media. Deadline is 11/15/09. Selected submissions will be published in the May/June 2010 issue of this magazine. Ready, set, BEGIN!

Three words stood out for me after going through the magazine. BEGIN, PLAY, and COLLAGE.

Then there are all the ads for various vendors with their websites.

Hope you have a great weekend, create some art, or at lease see some that inspires you as I did.

I had another very painful bladder episode after work. I could have almost cried. I tried to figure out what I did. All I did was take a shower, wash my hair, work, got upset over a prescription at Walmart. Had to call the dr for a re-fill which is like going thru an act of congress. It is there today but I am thinking it is not a twice daily dosage so I will have to call them again next week! If only life were easy as pie... I ate the new sweet & sour nuggests at Wendy's which were very good yet I felt yucky afterwards. Later I took some of my leftover medicine for my bladder. I seem to be ok right now thank goodness. I took them because I do not want to go back to the bladder doc again!

Today I am proud that I FINALLY added Lyn Nielsen's home page to my blog list. I should have done this a year ago! Better late than never. If you get a chance, check out Lyn's home page as well as her book Place of Sage.

I also added the 2 very talented artists to my blog list. Jilly Berry's blog & D J Petttit's.


PERBS said...

It sounds like your new magazine is "just what the doctor ordered!" Enjoy it.

I also left a note below and think I am now caught up again. Next Friday, I am going camping so will have to catch up on what I miss that week later.

becky aka theRAV said...

Yep, Paulie... just what the dr ordered. LOL I have enjoyed it. It was very inspiring. I'll check your note out. Thanks for stopping & commenting.

Beatriz said...

Though much more expensive for international subscribers like me, "Somerset Studio" is a great magazine.
I feel like crying everytime I visit their site and realize my budget does not allow any other click on that $ub$cription icon...
beatriz souza