Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy


Clark Kent/aka Superman aka Rhett
(in the nerdy glasses, he reminds me of Ralphie in "The Christms Story")

Sorry I have not been on here to post lately. I did not do my Thankful Thursday post because Don had a colonoscopy that day. Thankfully he is fine and nothing is wrong. Of course he wanted to go hunting afterwards, but I told him NO! Then made the nurse tell him also. Of course he had not tried to stand at that point and fell back on the bed. He got sick on the way home and tossed his crackers in the yard.

Halloween is always a busy, busy, busy time for us with a ten year old and a mom who lives for and loves, loves, loves this season. Rhett's class made tie-dyed t-shirts to wear on Halloween for a 70's day on Halloween. His turned out really well in fall colors of yellow and orange. After work, it was costume time for him. We'd found this Clark Kent outfit at Bargain Town for $5! I made him try it on before I bought it to make sure it fit. I had to buy him a matching t-shirt to go underneath it since a white one would show. With the nerdy classes, he sort of reminded me of Ralphie in the movie "The Christmas Story" without blonde hair. Then we picked up his Harry Potter candy bucket, his Daddy and headed to his older sister's house were we tradionally take photos with our granddaughters. Tatum and Wesley Rose were princesses.

This year we did everything different..., we went to a nearby subdivision to let them trick or treat first. It was still daylight outside. I got lots of really neat photos of yard decorations and one wicked cool ghoul. The girls soon got tired of walking in their heels. I told them it was tough being princesses. We went back to their house so they could change into comfortable clothing and shoes then to the Waffle House to eat. Usually we have hot dogs or pizza but not this year. Rhett told me he felt so grown up sitting at the bar at the Waffle house, ordering his own chili and hot chocolate. He said it was the best Halloween ever because of this one small thing.

The next day which was Saturday was Christmas in the South, an annual arts and craft show we always attend unless we are sick, bedridden, etc. We got a late start. Surprisingly, there were lots of new things this time. I got some lamb pins. An artist named Janice Lippcott had some beautiful artwork, mainly landscapes. She had several pieces I liked, but could not afford. The cheapest thing she had was bookmarks for $1 and several for $7 or $8. Rhett found one for me with part of a house with a tree. I can't find a ruler to give the exact measurements of it, but I measured it later and it was 2"x6". Rhett picked out another scene and was going to pay for it with his own money, but the husband and wife were kind enough to give it to him for free if he would read it. She puts her small poems, thoughts and her sayings on the back of her bookmarks. They also gave me mine free! The only thing we have ever gotten free there was a cinammon almond sample! I asked her how she did these bookmarks. She had her artwork made into color copies and some were made as greeting card stock. She just cut off parts of the greeting cards and was selling them as bookmarks. She also has two websites I have not had time to check out yet...

Then we discoverd a sheep artist with a sick sense of humor like mine. A bit pricey on the framed ones. I could have bought a matted print for $20.00 It is called "Sheep incognito" by Conni Togel. She has a website which I have not had time to go to yet either. I probably would have bought the one entitled "Sheep Soup".
We got 3 free small cards that had some of her art on it. Rhett got the one he really liked so he was quite happy.

I did really good this time. I did not spend a lot of money. Maybe $20. Rhett picked out an ornament for the tree this year. He is becoming like me, saying we could make these. He bought his Daddy a Christmas present dirt cheap. I was so proud of him.

We had to rush home to get ready for another annual party. The American Legion Don is a memember of was having their Halloween party. I wore the $3 raven shirt I bought at Walmart with a long black jacket. I did my vampire make up again as usual only this year I bought red lip gloss to form the dripping blood in the corners of my mouth. It worked perfectly. So much better than that sticky blood you buy that will peel off after a few hours or eating. Don borrowed Rhett's sheriff's badge from New Mexico. Rhett helped him put his bullets in his holster and he wore Rhett's toy gun. He looked handsome, sexy. I took a self portrait of myself in the truck on the way.

As we were walking in, a group of smokers outside kept telling us the other one did it. It took me a minute to realize what they meant since I was walking in with the Sheriff. We arrived there later than normal for us because Don didn't want to be the first to arrive so we didn't get as good a table. Rhett bobbed for apples, got three. The third one was due to boredom later. He won armloads of toys. We had good hot dogs. Then it was time for the costume contest. First, we all paraded past the judges. I heard them say "Clark Kent" as we passed by the first go round. Then Rhett went with his age group. There was a prize for the ladies and the men as well. Rhett won second place in his age division and received $10. I won first place for the ladies which I couldn't believe. I was looking behind me to see if there was someone else back there. Don won first prize for the men's. We both received $20. We are so lucky. We kept it all in the family.

Afterwards we needed tp so we went to the store across the stree from the Legion. Rhett refused to go inside in his costume since it was the day after Halloween. Me, I don't have a problem with drawing attention to myself at all. Looking like a vamp feels quite normal for me. As I entered, I saw my friend Patti about to check out. She was making her transaction, but was so intent she did not look at me. When she did, I almost gave her a heart attack!

We came home. I washed the make up off for another year. I uploaded the photos and sent them to everyone. I had so many. I think I took about 70! I'll upload more here soon....

Hope you had as great a Halloween weekend as we did. Or as I did.
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PERBS said...

Not very often the whole family wins prizes for their costumes! Congrats!

becky said...

No, Paulie, it is not. I know of no other family who has done this feat. Thanks for the congrats.

Awesome Abby said...

you KNOW i'm in love with Superman....good thing I'm too'd have your hands full! :)

becky voyles said...

HA HA HA Abby! I burst out laughing when I read this! Thanks. I needed the laugh.

Sheep Incognito said...

Greetings from Conni & Peter (Sheep Incognito).

Thanks for stopping by our booth.