Saturday, November 15, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Sorry I have been away from my blog. I feel bad about it, but I just didn't feel like blogging. Oh, I had plenty of new pictures to post yet I just wasn't in the mood. I guess I got a bit depressed on Tuesday, Veteran's Day due to family dramas, but I won't air dirty laundry here. It is not my immediate family. Just more another crazy cousin. My mom is being run ragged. She is helping her sister who lost her husband back in April then going to the hospital to see her brother, my Uncle Frank who has brain cancer. If she doesn't go to see him, he will call her to ask if she is coming or why she hasn't come to see him. He pulled the drain tube that was draining the fluid build-up from his brain, but the doctors said they couldn't put it back in. Sort of like Humpty Dumpty they couldn't put him back together again. He is out of ICU and in a room now where he will remain for about six weeks. He has a sitter with him during his stay but not all the time.

What I have noticed in the past two weeks is what a difference a day can make. When I went to Kohl's to pay my bill and noticed orange trees against their building. I took a picture of it that day. Then I went back to Kohl's again the next day to finish some shopping. When I was leaving, it was later in the evening so the lights were on underneath the same orange tree so I took another shot, giving it a different perspective. I had planned on posting those, but will do it as a part II to this post a bit later.

Last night on the way home, I noticed a golden leafed tree with a street light shining in it's leaves. I took a shot. Got one, missed the second as the stop light turned green and there was a car behind me. So I turned around to go back to get another one. I love that I can do this. I got three neat shots, but I have not uploaded them yet. Maybe tomorrow...

I guess I felt guilty because on Veteran's Day when we were all off, we didn't really do anything to blog about, Rhett was bored and disappointed we were so boring. I did make a really good Hamburger Helper chili mac. We ate almost all of it.

I went to a stamping class on Thursday. My friend Claudia had one I could afford for $5. I really enjoyed it yet felt inadequate. I had not done one of these classes in awhile. Claudia is so adept at this. She does everything by measures. I am so used to just doing things on my own letting them turn out as come what may, hoping for the best. I made two things for the scrapbook for Christmas. I'd bought a ribbon at Big Lots so I had a similiar idea for our Christmas cards this year. I showed my ribbon to the ladies at the stamping class and they all loved it thinking how many cards I could make with it. Hope they don't go buy up all the rest of the rolls. LOL I even have my words in mind so I am way ahead of the game. I also showed them all the cards I'd made since last May.

I want to be more artistic. I have so many ideas. Too many. I just don't always have the time. Then if I made something instead of doing something like cleaning, I'd feel guilty.

Don worked at the church this morning. We slept late after I had weird dreams I can't really recall now. Just another long hallway again. A feeling that I was at rich people's houses but can't remember who.

Don went hunting. Rhett wanted to do something so we where headed to his favorite place to eat now, the Speakeasy. As we were pulling out of the driveway, I noticed the yellow leaves on the scupernog vines were missing. Those yellow leaves I noticed on the trees on Veteran's Day that were behind the house when Don was on the roof sweeping off the leaves, were no longer there. We passed by the golden tree from last night's photo shoot. The November winds came and blew a lot of the leaves away so it was a good thing I got the photo when I did. If you don't take the shot you miss it. That is why it is so important to make the most of each moment while you have it.

Rhett and I shared another mother/son moment today. I took along the journal Genie gave me for my birthday last year. I pulled out my many colored pens, markers and some of his crayons from some varying eateries. I opened the journal. I had the left side, he had the right. We closed our eyes and began to doodle. At first it didn't look like much more than something a two year old would scribble, but we kept trying, stopping, adding a few things then repeating. I started to see repeating patterns in mine and pointed them out to him telling him it was a good thing to repeat patterns in artwork. Then he decided he wanted to draw more of his graffitti so I tore out page from the journal which actually pulled out two to my disappointment but luckily did not harm the journal. I soon became lost in my designs and probably could have remained there til the joint closed for the night, but his attention span waned. I will probably work on mine more tonight while watching tv. Yes, I can do two things at once - thank goodness.

Since I didn't feel like being thankful on Thursday before I went to the stamping class, I guess I am making up for that now. I have seen on others blogs that they post at least one thing they are thankful for and I probably need to start doing that too.

I had a couple of problems this week. I was thinking my new hormone medications were too strong for me. I'd discovered and eaten a new fave sandwich - the philly cheese steak at Subway. I've had it twice now. I got it toasted which I normally do not do. Either the meds or the sandwich tore up the side of my tongue. Thursday night after the stamp class, my tongue was killing me and I had not talked THAT much. LOL Finally I looked at it in the mirror and saw an infected spot. Of course Don didn't see anything but he didn't have his glasses on either. I took benedryl before bed and it felt much better in the morning for which was grateful. I spoke with the nurse at work about it the next day. He'd been struck by a deer in his car the day before and was lucky to be there! Because I was taking horse size pills, he gave me some of the ones I take only a smaller dosage and size so I got them for free! I can still get more each month which will save me money which always a good thing. So by Friday I was feeling much better about my life in general. The nurse also gave me a free bottle of Mylanta to wash my mouth out with so I learned something new. It felt better after the first usage.

We had an officer to committ suicide this week. Illy looked very depressed the day after we were informed of his death. I guess because it surely had to bring back the memory of her recent threat of suicide. On Friday, one ranking officer even said it is always the ones that never talk about it that do it like this man. He also said, "Usually the ones that talk about it never see it through..." right in front of her.

Then we have another lady who I have refered to as "The Preacher Lady" who is supposed to be a reverend who is almost as bad as Illy, but not quite in the verbal abuse sense. They even call them sisters. On pay day Fridays she always abuses extra time which doesn't count against her time. It has gotten to be a joke around the entire camp. She claimed her son had a dr's appointment. She did not come in until after 11 almost 11:30 becaise that is when I went to lunch to buy soft food. I brought mine back, ate it, threw it away and noticed she did not get through eating til long after I did. At a quarter til 4, I am not sure if I knew she was cutting her computer off until the guy from IT brought it to our attention she'd cut it off, but I could tell she was clearing off her desk as if preparing to leave. No one had told us we could leave early. Myself and the other lady were dilligently working. I was shocked and mad that she simply walked out at 4 pm. Now because of her actions, we may not get off early any more. There is always one who spoils everything. If that had been me, they would have gotten me for job abandonment. When I told Don about this over dinner, he told me I am the time keeper so take time away from her.

I still haven't printed out all the pictures from Halloween which is not like me at all. I did try, but I liked the way I cropped them better in Picasa. I think I tried to upload them to Walmart unsucessfully, but will try again. Keep on trying. Never stop. Remember the good things that happen in your week. Try not to let the bad get you down as I did. Make the most of each moment.

What differences have you noticed?


SandyCarlson said...

A day makes a huge difference, Becky. I know what you mean. I hope the dramas clear up as quickly as the weather changes.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Glad to see you around again!

becky voyles said...

Hi Sandy! I hope the drama clears up soon but somehow I seriously doubt it. You are very welcome for the visit and the comments. It's good to be around again. Thank you for your visit.

PERBS said...

Wow! No wonder you weren't blogging. Your "plate was full." I think I am glad I am retired now and can just get up and walk away from unpleasantries if I choose.

becky voyles said...

Thanks for understanding, Paulie. Yes, my plate was full. You are lucky in the fact that you can just walk away from unpleasantries. Even my preacher's wife was wondering what was wrong with me. I finally emailed folks earlier today explaining why I had not been emailing either.