Friday, November 21, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes


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Well, thankfully I am in a much better mood and frame of mind than I was about this time last week. Due to non-immediate family problems I had no control over or could do anything about except pray, I let these problems get to me BIG time, bringing me down. Last week I did not feel like posting for Thankful Thursday due to my depression. It just didn't feel like the right thing to do. I tried to post for Sky Watch Friday , but my photos wouldn't upload correctly. I was able to reload them, but received few comments except for my faithful followers for which I am thankful.

As I previously posted, I did some more mother/son art on Saturday which proved to be my saving grace and got me out the doldrums. It is kind of weirdly odd that art could do that for me. That one piece of art could change my frame of mind THAT much. I am always saying, "It's the little things that mean the most to me." They really do.

This whole week had a lot of good food for which I was thankful. Chinese food on Tuesday night so I didn't have to cook which is always a good thing. On Wednesday, I got early Thanksgiving dinners from a school. There was more than enough for the three of us, more than twice over. I took a photo of my food tray which I was going to use as my Thankful Thursday post and entitle it "Food For Thought", but I had not uploaded the picture yet. I did today and put it in a soft focus. I may use it on Thanksgiving day or that weekend.

On Thursday, Don and I went to Rhett's school for Thanksgiving lunch with him. This was a first that we both were able to attend at the same time which was a blessing unto itself. That lunch was far cheaper than we could have bought it anywhere, including the Krystal! LOL I was given back too much change, but I did the honest thing and gave it back to them. My golden good deed for the day. So this week I was thankful for all the food we ate.

Rhett's teacher let him come home early after the lunch. Don wanted to go hunting and my mom wasn't home because she is still running herself ragged between her sister, my Aunt Pearl and her brother, my Uncle Frank who remains in the hospital. So I brought Rhett to work with me. I let him play on the computer while I did other work. Luckily we got off work a little early and I was thankful for that small blessismall ng after all the running around I did ealier.

After work, we hit Walmart hard. I had been having withdrawls. Literally I'd found very inexpensive Christmas gifts for everyone and their brother there the day before yesterday. So we went to two more Walmarts where I bought out what they had in stock. I got matching gift sacks too. I have such a neat idea in mind which is the words to go on the gift card to compliment the gift itself, but I can't let the idea of the bag so to speak and spoil the surprise. Let's just say I am very elated about all of this just falling into place. I love it when that happens. So I am very thankful for my many Christmas finds which have put me in the Christmas spirit.

I have most of Rhett's Christmas shopping done. Since Don is drawing unemployment, we decided not to give each other gifts this year. I agreed, but I am afraid I cheated a bit. I have a few things for him. I just wanted to make certain our son has one of THE best Christmases and I know he will. I will be THE coolest mom.

Last night Rhett sat on my lap as if I were actually Santa Claus. I told him I was not Santa. So then he called me "Mrs. Claus". I said, "I don't have white hair." Both of my men just looked at me like I had lost my mind. Rhett pulled on my bangs as if to ask, "What is this called?" "Okay so I don't have totally white hair then!" I clarified.

Now to FINALLY get to my Sky Watch photos... I took some night shots of golden leaves at a traffic light on my way home last Friday night. I even drove by a second time to ensure I had a third better shot of it. Earlier in the week, I took this first daytime shot of the same tree after the winds came last Saturday and blew most of the leaves off the tree. Those night shots were uploaded on the home computer and I did not have time to load them at work. This morning I took another picture of the same tree, but a different angle a whole week later. It is nearly bare now or almost bare naked (Bear Naked, LOL) This just goes to show you what a difference a week makes. So take i from me... take those shots while you can. The leaves won't always be the same color or still be hanging on the trees.

I had a DUH moment this week, I realized why my photos of fall folliage looked different in my camera's view that what I actuall saw... I had my sunglasses on when I took them. Sunglasses make an excellent filter which is a trick I learned from Carver. Thanks again of that tip, Carver.

On the way to Rhett's school, I parked for just a moment to take some shots of yellow leaves through my sunglasses. I uploaded those and got one really,really good one, but alas there was not sky in it so that is saved for another day.

This weekend I am looking forward to beginning my Christms wrapping of all these gifts I bought, taking photos, etc. What are you looking forward to doing this weekend? If you would like to participate in either Thankful Thursay perhaps next week, please go to the following...

If you would like to participate in Sky Watch Friday, please go to....


Texas Travelers said...

Glad you are in better spirits. Nice photos and comparison. It was in the 80's here last week and 47 degrees today. You're right, what a difference a week can make.

Nice sky watch and thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

Carver said...

Lovely shots for skywatch. I'm glad you are in a better frame of mind. Hope you have a great weekend.

PERBS said...

Isn't it something how a day can have such great changes in the environment? Without a digital camera, we wouldn't be taking so many photo. You are way ahead of me with Christmas shopping.

becky voyles said...

Yes, Texas Travelers, I am so glad I am in better spirits too. Thanks. Our temps vary from about 30 degrees now. You dress to be warm in the mornings so you don't freeze then it warms up to the 60's & you burn up! This is what makes folks sick. Thank you for your visit and your kind comments.

Thank you Carver. I did have a great weekend. Hope you did as well. I agree, Paulie. No, w/out my digital I know I wouldn't be taking this many pics either. I did not do any wrapping like I planned so maybe you will catch up soon!