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Why My Paper Dolls Have No Legs




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I am such a goober! I woke up a little after 10 on the morning of 11/11/11 Veteran's day, 2011 with big bags under my eyes from sleeping so hard with dreams of sleeping late, cleaing the house and the Dinglewood scrambled dogs we had for supper (which were so good!). Nightmare about cleaing the house though! LOL I thought, "Oh, NO! I am late for the ladies breakfast at church! I am mad at myself for not setting my phone alarm and metally fussing at myself. I needed to wash my hair. I combed my bangs over to the side, began throwing on clothes, grabbing the Christmas rubber stamps I was to take for card making. I called Don to see where he was, telling him I was late for the breakfast & I was leaving Rhett here at the house until he could arrive. By then I was hot in my 3 layers of clothes. I dialed by BFF Nancy's daughter Tiffany's cell because it is easier to tell my phone to call her. Most of the time it when I say "Call Nancy" it thinks I said "Yancy"! LOL I usually get mad and holler "NO!" at it! Then dial it myself.

I tell Tiffany I am on my way. She goes ok-ay... and said something else like she didn't know I was coming or going anywhere. Then I said "Isn't today the ladies breakfast?" She told me today was Friday. The breakfast is tomorrow! I had backed the SUV out so I just went around the block as I busted out laughing like a total loon then apologized for waking Tif up so early, but she said she needed to get up anyway. I pulled back in the yard and was getting out of the SUV when Don was coming around the corner from Walmart. I was opening the door as he was coming in. I told him today is Friday and he busted out laughing at me as he usually does! Well, at least I am not late for tomorrow! Yet.

This also made me wonder if I have allowed myself enough time between the breakfast and the art class following. Sort of like this was a test run. It seems I am always on the run.

Well, I made it to my woman's class Saturday morning. Everyone I sent the email to about my morning prior died laughing. LOL Glad I could give everyone a good laugh. There were not a lot of women at the breakfast. 9 including me. I was disappointed at the # as I figured we would have an assembly line going. I brought my many Christmas rubber stamps and other things. They all said I had a lot of them. That wasn't even half. Just a shoe box full and a bag full.

I managed to make a folding chair fall on my big toe!

Another younger girl had gotten an idea off the internet. She brought white linen card stock, red, white and green buttons in all shapes and sizes, ribbons, silver, white & blue snowflakes all to be glued on the white cards. I admit I did not make one those. Rubber stamping is my thing. I made 3 cards. The 1st one is a collage of an idea I had which will be my Christmas card this year. Sorry I won't be postint it here and ruin the suprise of your Christmas card since it is not even December yet. My friend Irene showed me that you can paint on these linen cards! It is almost like painting on canvas. I discovered Carol is very creative. Carol used 3 buttons to make a snowman with a silver snowlflake above and my rubber stamp that simply said "With thoughts and prayers" stamped in black at the bottom. So simple. I did ask her if I could paint a blue background behind the snowman and she let me. The artist in me just couldn't stand all the whiteness. LOL

I painted a Christmas tree in the middle of snow with a blue sky. I used a black raindeer stamp coming in from the right on the snow. Rubber stamps do not stamp well on this type of paper. I had to color in the deer with a marker. I had a "Merry Christmas, Ya'll!" stamp which I stamped in red on the snow on the left. I also used some blue stars on the sky which I know are not realistic but they worked. The blue sky is shiney and goes in outward directions from the paint. Don really liked this one. I will get color copies made so he can use it as his card this year. He can write his yearly letter inside it. The fact he liked it so much and wanted to use it really made me feel really good.

The other was of red poinsettia I had never stamped with. I used an art gum eraser to make a leaf so I could stamp green leaves on it. I was pretty proud of myself for doing this. That card was just ok in my opinion. Not as good as the 1st two.

Then I had to grab something for the pot luck for the class I was teaching at the art center. I was starving by then.

By the time I ate, I was ready and rarin' to get started. I'd brought my newly made cards to show as show-n-tell. Then I was ready to get down to business. teaching.

I'd made copies before hand thinking it would be easier than cutting the paper doll bodies out of newspapers especially since I knew a younger child was coming & it would save some time. I did pretty good esp considering this child was very hard to please! It made me so thankful I have a son! There were a couple of times I did say her name out loud. I said several "Lord have mercies" aloud too! I finally convinced her that this green shiney dress made out of wrapping paper would look like something Beyonce would wear! She wanted a belt which it did not need so we used a tiny red ribbon. These paper dolls I have made have no legs so I didn't even know how to attempt boots like she wanted! I told the kid she was on her own on that one!

I only had time to to make 3 different pink dressed for mine. One is zebra striped which I really like. Nothing was glued down. The little girl had picked some bright yellow tissue paper with primary colored flowers on it. We had no black paper so I drew and she colored a black skirt with a marker. It was placed on a pretty blue background.

I did get paid for the class which is always a good thing. One of our members was not feelling well which was one reason why I did the class. So we all left an hour earlier than normal for us. Then I went to mom's. Mom said Daddy is not eating again.

I felt sort of yucky that nite. I am thinking that Church's chicken doesn't agree with me. After the emails I sent last night, I went on to bed wondering how I would feel the next morning when we were to have our monthly fellowshiop meal. I had some nice quiet time with the Lord.

We had dinner at church that morning only to discover that our preacher Larry passed out. It was an emotional day for me that day. I took plates to my folks. Don & Rhett painted boards on their garage that had to be replaced according to the insurance company in order for their house insurance to be renewed! Larry is ok but will be staying with his daughter for awhile. Please keep him in your prayers as he is still adjusting to life without his beloved wife.

Then I went back to the art center that afternoon in hopes of gluing down my paper dolls. I took some scrapbook papers with me. I'd stamped a pink page with a circle designd in blue ink & wound up using it on a pretty blue page with stars on it. I made hair for one similar to the one the little girl made only mine had black hair. My clothing was just the opposite of her's. None have faces which probably says something. I am thinking I want to put faces on them, but my friend Anne says to leave them as they are. The 1st one has a bright yellow shirt with those primary colored flowers and a black skirt. I was going to try felt and a black cordory sample but it didn't work for many reason. 1. hard to cut. 2. the paper doesn't flow as well on it. I thought of a mom going to church. "Sunday Best" maybe. She is wearing bright colors to make herself feel better; add some color to her life and forget about her problems for a moment. Sound familliar? LOL I tried to use a greenish flower on her hair but it wasn't working.

So I cut a red rose out of some scrapbook paper. The rose was too big. Sort of like The Three Bears. LOL Cindy suggested I cut the outer layer off. Still too big BUT the part I cut off looked like hair!!!! I immediately glued it on white paper. This looked good on the blue page. I used the pink dress with the blue stamped tiny circles. Stars. Circles. It worked. I had to make a neck for her so it was like I was creating the Bride of Frankenstein in piece of paper! LOL Because her hair was made out of a rose and it was Sunday, I thought of "Sunday Rose". I figure the words will come to me... I know they will have something to say.

I am having so much fun designing clothes for my paper dolls! LOL Maybe I missed my calling to be a clothes designer! I would so love to be able to just create art from now on. Praying for a more artistic job.

I'd taken pics of granddaughter Wesley Rose's 7th birthday. There she was on her knees opening presents in a skirt. I thought nothing of it. But it hit me the night I was uploading pics that she had no legs much like my paper dolls from the class I taught & made this weekend. I put the 3 similar ones of the paper dolls up togetherside by side. The hairless ones remind me of women who had cancer. The last one, her hair has grown back! This art might help some cancer survivor or I hope it will. Then I realized my paper doll women have no legs because they are on their knees praying!!! Is this awesome or what? I am hoping to make cards for women who have cancer or had it. Thank you Wesley Rose for making me see this!

Rhett got his first deer Monday evening!

Tuesday night I ran into one of my BFF's old boyfriends when I was getting canvas to paint a giant snowflake. Small world. Stan's wife used to work where I get my photos printed cheaply now. I have so been missing her.

When I painted the snowflake Tues night, I was so wishing I had used gesso first. I was mixing an ice blue with some phalto blue. I didn't finish it but it looks neat unfinished so I may leave it unfinished on purpose.

I got really mad a few times this week but otherwise I have been blessed with the money from the class I taught. I will be blessing with more this evening and I got a small refund in the mail. I am so thankful for these small blessings.

What are you thankful for? Care to share? Then please join us at "Thankful Thursday" at the following....
where Laurie has a wonderful post.


Denise said...

So glad you were blessed financially this week, love you.

LAURIE said...

So glad to share this THANKFUL THURSDAY with you today. We are so blessed, I enjoyed reading about your blessed week. ((blessings))

Tami Boesiger said...

So much to be thankful for! Wow.

becky aka theRAV said...

Me too Denise! Love you too. So thankful to see your name and see your comments.

becky aka theRAV said...

I am glad to share this Thankful Thursday with you too Laurie. I am so glad you enjoyed reading about my week long blessings. Blessing to you too.