Friday, November 4, 2011

Trully Thankful Thursday

Thursday was a very good day for me. I was lucky enough to receive a personal poem from my friend Irene then have lunch with my sweet friend "Peppermint Patti" as Rhett calls her. We went to Peluso's nearby, an Italian place she has never been to before. I was able to take extra time to so I was thankful. Patti looked so good, I just had to take a picture of her which turned out really well. She had this one perfect curl hanging down.

Yesterday I realize what a better photographer I am than others and I am so very thankful for this gift.

I went to one of my art meetings last night. It was raining & I was late. It was a short meeting, but we had plenty of folks there to help clean up for the show. Still had a lot from our abstract group to be hung. So thankful Bobby Jones was there as well as Lugenia. The locally made metal screens were put together in a square shape which worked really well for the abstract group. It was so neat to see my art hanging there. By the end of the meeting, there was even more of mine hanging! Bobby took one of my originals of an ink/rubber stamping project which he really liked, wanted copies of to make several different prints, said it needed to be used as material for clothing and best of all matted it for me. He told me to send him the pics of it and he will see what he can do! So yes, Cheryl you were right about matting! It looks wonderful now. I like it better whereas I was just ok about it although I liked certain parts of it. He was so encouraging. He asked, "Can't you see it hanging at Hobby Lobby?" He knows of the perfect frame for it that is on sale for half price which would be around $25. I didn't take any pics of it matted yet but probably will tonight at the reception & will send out Sun nite as is my ritual.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the president really liked my 1st abstract I did for that postcard swap several summers ago that got me started on this artistic journey. The one of the odd shaped faces which had everyone calling me Mrs. Picasso! LOL

The weather should be good for the show on Sat. As well as meeting and greeting on the inside and working on something artistic, I will serve as the relief so those that set up outside may take a restroom break. I am excited about the show now. Please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that I will sell some stuff Saturday as I need the money.

After the last 4 of us left last night, the ever diligent, faithful ones who are always there, I stopped at McDonald's to get Mcrib sandwiches. I finally got some of their peppermint hot chocolate which was like drinking heaven. It was so good I didn't want my Mcrib! Later it made me feel really weird so I had to go to bed. Feel fine today though. Excited about the show.

Patti is supposed to meet me at the Joseph House for their show at 5 this evening. I will pick up some of Bobby Jones' work to take to the PC arts to be hung. She may follow me to the PC arts afterwards. That will be great esp if Don & Rhett don't want to go.

Hope to see you at the reception Fri nite or the show on Saturday if you can make it. If not, have a great weekend. I know I will! I am dressed for the reception in pink and black. I will be in my element. Some of my good friends may come to the art show!

Life is good and I am thankful. Happiness is artist friends helping other artists.
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