Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drive Down Memory Lane

I took yesterday off to take mom to the dr. Don stayed with Daddy. I am thankful he could do this. Mom is doing good according to the doctor and we are thankful. Her sugar levels were great! She had gained a few pounds. I did have the doc check her ears but there wasn't a drop of wax build up to blame her loss of hearing. She goes back again in 6 months. He sent in all of her prescriptions by computer to Durham's except one which he wrote out for her. She had to go to the bathroom before we left. So remember that last part.

We stopped to get Daddy some donuts at Golden Doughnuts. She realized she must have left her prescription in the bathroom. Tried to call the dr's office but it was closed for lunch or so we thought. I knew I'd have to go back way out River Road later to get it & I admit I wasn't a happy camper about that especially with all the gas I use now. We went on to the bank. Don was calling me to tell me the dr's office called to tell mom she dropped her prescription.

I picked up lunch from the Royal for us. The waitress Nazi ticked me off. Don didn't want to wait for it. He told me to bring him home some chicken & dumplings. Daddy ate some of the food and said it was real good. He liked the yams and butter beans but still didn't eat much or enough for me.

I went back out River Rd to pick up Mom's prescription. This was the road we used to go to Lake Houston. The private lake for employees of Tom's Peanut Co. I had asked mom if she wanted to drive out there, but she said no. She wanted to get the donuts for Daddy and get back to him. It had been years since I had been up there. Maybe 16.

Before I left, I tried to make him an appointment with the lung doctor who drained the fluid off his lung when he was in the hospital the last stay back in July. The receptionist put me on hold forever then hung up on me because she couldn't hear me. So I tried with my cell. I was put on hold whether I wanted to be or not. I was on hold for over 5 mins & I have no patience. Plus it was wasting my minutes. I told mom I'd try when I got back.

Well, I couldn't stop thinking about driving up to the old lake.... I know I shouldn't have gone but went anyway praying I wouldn't have car trouble. I know it was wasting more time and gas, but I just so felt the need to take that drive. It was the perfect day for it with the leaves afire with fall colors. I had the window cracked. Not too hot. Just right. So I was Goldilocks for a moment in time. I saw some familiar scenery then a lot of new homes and subdivisions. I took the wrong road and had to turn around to get back on Lick Skillet Rd. As a child, I probably never paid attention to the name anyway. I saw a dream house... a ranch style almost gingerbreadlike with a huge front porch. It really wasn't as far out of a drive as it used to seem growing up. Then I came to the lake. I remembered that kudzu and long dip down in the road. All the old "Private Property" signs were still up in place only rusted now. A new orange gate was up. I turned around there at the gate. They had the neatest statues on each post of the gate. It had deer with long antler going up ward encircling a huge urn like type of statue. Never seen one like it. I should have taken a pic of it. I would so love to go back thru there again to see how it has changed over the years, if it has changed at all. I wondered if the new owners would allow an artist/photographer who grew up going there on the weekends to do a walk through?

The drive made me relax somewhat. I felt the tension leaving me and my face although driving on a road I had not been on ages was a bit stressful. Still I am glad I went even though it made me a bit sad going to place you can never go in again. So many memories there. Sunbathing, sunburns, bee stings, dancing on the dance floor to free jukebox music, all the family gatherings, the one and only time Daddy took me fishing because I carried on so about the bees bothering me, picking peaches and blueberries then chestnuts in the fall for Aunt Pearl to roast. I took some of my best photography there with my old Minolta. Rain drops on peaches. The many lakes with the sun shining on them overexposing the photos but giving them an neat effect. The ice cold water from the spring that was rumored to induce over due mothers. I used to dream Daddy was the president of the company or vp so we could stay at the cabin over the spring which flowed into a cement pool. But Daddy was a white collar worker with a pocket protector who still managed to get ink on his white shirts, who wore glasses and white socks because he had athlete's feet all his life. I didn't know he was a nerd until the 80's. LOL But he was my nerd and I love him.

They say you can never go back again. Well, they were wrong. You can go back again, but you can't always get back in.

After my drive down memory lane, it was back to the reality of returning to the bank, ordering new checks and debit cards, getting my credit card renewed, picking up prescriptions, etc. I did manage to cut out much needed coupons I'll probably forget about and let expire. Also I was able to watch a bit of "General Hospital".

When I got home, I thought Don was mad because I didn't come straight home with his dumplins. Like I could. He should have stayed and ate with us. While re-re-modifying (yes, double re!) his deer stand, he somehow managed to hit himself in the head with his hammer! He actually hit his old scar. It looked like it had bled and scabbed over. He was mad that Rhett was playing video games inside and didn't come check on him. He was having a feel sorry for himself moment. If I had been there, he would have been mad with me too for not checking on him. Of course if he had not been working on the stupid deer stand to begin with, it wouldn't have happened. His forehead was swollen, but he didn't put ice on it nor will he anymore than he'd go to the dr. If it is badly bruised, everyone will think I hit him with the hammer!

Don is ok and still alive today. I left him asleep then felt bad for not checking on him. I called him to check on him. I even asked him if he knew who I was like our nurse friend Carol told me to do. He said "Very funny." So he is ok thank goodness.

Another busy weekend coming up. Women's breakfast where we will make some cards using my rubber stamps in an assembly line. Then an all day art class I am so looking forward to where I will be using Julie Nutting's book Collage Couture. I have a link to her blog on my blog list. I have cut out several women's torsos in newspaper print. I am envisioning a little black dress on them. Sunday is our fellowship meal at church. I will probably crash afterwards! LOL But life is good and I am thankful.

Still I wouldn't take anything for my drive down memory lane yesterday. It has been replaying like a movie in my mind. My friends have told me it was good I took the drive; that was something I much needed. They are always telling me to take time for myself and I do. I steal moments like that drive every now and then.

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May you take a drive down Memory Lane this weekend.


Denise said...

Always a great post.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you sweet Denise. So thankful to see your comment here.