Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Confusion

I am such a goober! I woke up a little after 10 am. this morning on 11/11/11 Veteran's day, 2011 with big bags under my eyes from sleeping so hard with dreams of sleeping late, cleaing the house and the Dinglewood scrambled dogs we had for supper (which were so good!). Nightmare about cleaing the house though! LOL I thought, "Oh, NO! I am late for the ladies breakfast at church!" I am mad at myself for not setting my phone alarm and metally fussing at myself. I needed to wash my hair. Instead I combed my bangs over to the side, began throwing on clothes, grabbing the Christmas rubber stamps I was to take for card making. I called Don to see where he was, telling him I was late for the breakfast & I was leaving Rhett here at the house until he could arrive. By then I was hot in my 3 layers of clothes. I dialed by BFF Nancy's daughter Tiffany's cell because it is easier to tell my phone to call her. Most of the time it when I say "Call Nancy" it thinks I said "Yancy"! LOL I usually get mad and holler "NO!" at it! Then dial the number myself.

I tell Tiffany I am on my way. She goes ok... and said something else like she didn't know I was coming or going anywhere. Then I said "Isn't today the ladies breakfast?" She told me today was Friday. The breakfast is tomorrow! I had backed the SUV out so I just went around the block as I busted out laughing like a total loon then apologized for waking her up so early. She said she needed to get up anyway. I pulled back in the yard and was getting out of the SUV when Don was coming around the corner from Walmart. I was opening the door as he was coming in. I told him today is Friday and he busted out laughing at me as he usually does now! Well, at least I am not late for tomorrow! Yet.

This also made me wonder if I have allowed myself enough time between the breakfast and the art class tomorrow. Sort of like this was a test run and I am on the run as always.

Now to begin living my nightmare of cleaning. So wishing I had a maid.

Your Loony friend,

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