Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful For Church Friends

Sorry I was too busy to post an Thanksgiving Thankful Thursday post. Of all days I should have, that would have been the one to do it, but when you are taking care of two families especially during a holiday, it is hard to find time for even yourself.

We had a great Thanksgiving. We were thankful to still have Daddy with us. Thanksgiving was a bit different this year in two ways. One being that we said the blessing over Daddy in his chair rather than at the dining room table which we cannot get to now. The couch is up against it since he is in a hospital bed in the living room. We ate in the kitchen without Daddy. Thankfully my mom was still able to cook her wonderful dressing.

The second way that it was different was we didn't go to our oldest daughters house like we normally do. And thirdly, we went to some church friends's house, my BFF church friend Nancy's mother-in-law's home instead. Thank goodness they were running late due to Nancy talking 2 hours with our preacher Larry because we were still full from my folks' house. Although I was stuffed like a turkey, I did have a small piece of Tiffany's blueberry buckle. We had a grand time remembering funny moments at church and laughing. We were very thankful for our Thanksgiving and those we got to share it with.

We were thankful for all the leftovers so we didn't have to cook. Rhett and I went to mom's for lunch until the dressing ran out. We'd take the hunter home a plate for supper.

It has been a year since Daddy fell and his health declined.

Sunday we went to our church friend Irene's house for lunch. Irene is originally from Wales and lived in Liverpool, England. I took her an Celtic Christmas cd which she played and danced a jig for us! Loved that. We had Irish stew with the meat separate from the carrots and the potatoes mashed. I proceeded to spill my water on my plate and the table cloth. I was so embarrassed. Irene said next time she'd let me eat in her shed! LOL She had two friends drop in unexpectedly. Her German friend shared the meal with us.

We talked about merry ole England. I admit I have based a lot of my feelings and opinions based on what I have read from an English blogger. I will no longer do that. I may even stop reading it altogether. Irene set me straight on how the English feel about he monarchy, the royal marriages and the Queen. The people love her. Did you know that during the war when Germany was bombing England, the queen was a mechanic? I am sure she left the tiara at home though! LOL She could have left the country but she remained with her people. So we got a history lesson. Not only that, Irene has some of her father's writings while aboard the Queen Mary held in an old not good quality photo album. She asked me about that and how to store them. Being a former Creative Memories consultant I could offer her advice. Although I told her I'd also ask my genology friend Anne. After Irene gets copies made, she would like to take them to a naval museum since her father was in the navy. I had dreams of her taking them to one in England and even to the Queen herself with me by her by her side! LOL

We had a German desert called starlin.

Afterwards Irene led me to her double hall closet where she stores her paintings. She has wonderful landscapes and nature scenes. Some I like more than others. We may be artists and do art differently, but we have the good Lord above in common. We are now calling ourselves Sister Artists. I love it.

Even Rhett was impressed by our afternoon spent with Irene. He leaned across the table to tell me "This is an awesome day!"

Afterwards we visited another elderly member who was in a wreck that totaled her car and hurt her back.

Daddy was sick after Thanksgiving. He threw up again. On Tuesday he said he felt like he had something stuck in his throat so we took him to the ER at almost 7 pm. Better to be safe than sorry. Because he sleeps more now, he cannot sit up in a wheelchair very long. I had to complain that he couldn't sit there any more. Because of the nature of his health complaint, we went in to a higher trama ER at 9:26. He was wrapped like a papoose in warm blankets by a sweet nurse. All x-rays revealed no obstructions thank goodness. He was given a shot for itching and we got home a few minutes before midnight.

The next day the poor thing had a follow-up appointment with the lung dr. who kept us waiting an hour before seeing him. By then Daddy was needing to lie down. His lungs were good and we were thankful. If only hospitals and doctor's offices didn't keep the elderly waiting. I am thankful for my husband the hunter who can assist us getting Daddy to his appointments especially getting the wheelchair in the SUV.

Two Christmas parties go attend this week. This photo is what I consider my 1st day of Christmas photo for you to view, but please remember I retain the copyright. Happy 1st day of Christmas.

For the past week I have been thankful for church friends. What are you thankful for this week? Care to share? Then please join us at Thankful Thursday where Iris has a wonderful post at the following...


Denise said...

I am so happy that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Praying for your dad, bless his dear heart, love you.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you. Me too, Denise. Thanks for your prayers for my Daddy. Greatly appreciated. I'll be visiting you soon... love you too. praying for you as well.

Paulie said...

You are certainly full of blessings in your life! It is a blessing that your parents are still with you so enjoy every moment and treasure them! Blessings for Christmas!

becky aka theRAV said...

Paulie!!! SO good to hear from you!!! Yes, I am full of blessings. Your comment is one of them. Yes, it is a blessing I still have my parents. I do cherish every moment. Blessings back at you.