Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night at the Ball

Friday nite we had my work CCG Christmas party. I knew I wanted my hair in ringlet curls. I'd thought about going to the mall where 2 guys demonstrate a straightening iron and a a curly iron that gives you Shirley Temple curls for free . I had to go to the bank for mom when I got off early at 4, I stopped in JCPenney's to see if someone could just curl my hair in ringlets. A very young girl wearing reindeer antlers who obviously was fresh out of beauty school, not knowing what to tell me asked one of the black stylists. This lady took one look at my hair telling me it was long like that was a crime. She told me my hair would have to washed 1st. I got attitude. Oh no it didn't! She told me it would have to be washed before she could do it. I told her never mind! Most of you who know me well know when I say that, I am not a happy camper. I was more than ticked. I proceeded down the mall. I did not stop at Hair Masters. I went to the open booth in the mall. A lady was ahead of me because she couldn't get her straightener to work for her; not because it was defective, but becuause she couldn't work it properly to get her less curlier curls. By watching the guy do her's with the straightener, I knew I wanted more curls not staight.

Ray, The guy who did mine was very nice & very talkative. He showed me how to section my hair off is small pieces using the bigger barrell to get medium curls although he did do one curl in smaller barrell. It made my hair even shorter, but I prefered the medium length that still brushed my shoulders. I was so loving this because I was so tired of my curl falling out of my hair. I

I went back to JCP. Stopped to see my pal Jimmy for a moment, vented, telling him what happened & how mad I was about it. I told him I had every right to complain. He loved my curls. I felt like I was living out the scene in "Pretty Woman" when she buys her outfit elsewhere then goes back to the shop where they refused to help her. I went back into the salon area as there was no one out at the desk. I was headed towards the stylist who refused to help me when I saw Sandra who worked in the salon at the old JCP when I worked there as well at Gayfer's hair salon. Sandra told me how pretty my hair was. I told her thank and I was fixin' to be ugly. The stylist had a customer in the chair. I simply told her, "I got it done!" She said "I see you did. It looks good". Of course she was patronizing me, but I got my point across. Sandra did tell me they have to wash your hair 1st before they can do it. Still mad.

I went to the credit desk to ask for a manager. Really didn't have time for all this, but did it anyway. I told him I worked at JCP for over 16 years. I know what customer service is supposed to be. I told him what happened. He asked if I felt they just wanted to add another service. I had not thought of that. I knew a hair dresser at Gayfers that worked that way. She'd charge you for the conditioner! I told him I didn't know if that was the case here, but they lost a customer and a sale.

Hunter husband didn't take son to mom's after school like I told him to do. I wasn't happy because that meant we'd be even later to the party. I couldn't find the pants I was going to wear with the black sequin Reba top I wore last year. I'd found some skinny pants that had black sequins going down the side of the legs on sale last year. This matched my top. So we dropped Rhett off and we went on anyway without the new pants. Of course I kept on the pair I was wearing! LOL Maybe I'll find them in time for the CAG art party. On the way, I asked Don if he felt like he was going out with Shirley Temple. He said no. Then I cracked myself up because she was a little girl! Good times. Goood times.

I had my invitation but not my city id. I had my matching black sequin make up bag though. I almost had trouble getting in because the lady did not know me. How could they not know me? LOL I had to speak to another lady who said she knew me. Luckily my friend Debra and her husband Bob were already there saving us a seat. Bob had knee replacement surgery, was thru with therapy and no longer had to use a cane. He'd grown a mustache which was darker than his hair. Bob was Santa at Kmart one year & I took Rhett to see him. When Rhett walked in, Santa said, "Hey, Rhett!" You should have seen Rhett's face. Later Rhett said, "Momma, Santa KNEW my name!" Priceless. Wouldn't take anything for that moment.

One of the guys from work and his wife came later. I had not seen his wife Claudia in over a year so we joked we see each other every other year. We took pics of each other as always. My photography friend for the IT dept took a pic of Don & I Donny enjoyed my 1st day of Christmas pic I sent out via email. I forgot to send him the
2nd one which I did today. Always a day late and a $ short. That made me feel good that Donnny missed my 2nd day of Christmas photo though.

I saw the editor of the newsletter who is a very sweet lady. I told her about being president of the PC arts. She said she could sneak that one in because it is something really big! I have to send her a photo too. May use my Shirley Temple look! LOL

Debra won a gift. We never win. There I was with no id and guess what... I won something! A gift certificate to 12th St Deli and an oil certificate at Fred's Tires for $31.95. Don just changed the oil! LOL It costs more than the t-bird to change. He was complaining about that and the screw to change it was put on too tight by someone else so he had to buy a new one. I told him not to fuss at me. I didn't put it on there! He told me to tell mom about it but I wasn't about to!

By the time we got home well before midnight so I wouldn't lose my red boot or turn into a pumpkin, I was becoming a wilted Shirley Temple. My curls had fallen. I think each photo taken will be in a wilted sequence of fallen curls. LOL They were non-exisitant this morning. So the ball was over. LOL Cinderella no longer wears her see thru stacks anymore, but she did come home with her Prince Charming.

Becky aka Shriley Temple aka Cinderella

Took mom to the eye dr today. Yes, a Saturday apptment. That way I didn't have to get off from work although The Hunter could have taken her during the week, but I needed to be back there with her since she cannot hear now. Because she is a diabetic, the nurse used a term I am unfamiliar with that started with an a. She asked if her dr gave her a number what that tells whatever this term is. I told the nurse the dr never gave her anything like that. She felt he must have but I KNOW he did not. Mom could tell she made me mad.

Mom's eyes are ok. The diabetes has not affected them. She probably can see better than me.

While in the eye dr's office I was reading thru some religious magazines. I forgot the name of them. A man who penned an article is a Minister of Creative Arts. Hmmm... it made me think. Although I have no degrees in art, I am a minister of the creative arts. I liked that.

We had to rush to the bank before it closed. By then she needed something eat. I had to get her some sweet tea at Country's. Then I got a few things she needed at Fred's. Then got fish from Rosehill for her.

Will post the Shirley Temple look later...


Paulie said...

I finally have a new ISP and a new blog. Drop by sometime. . . Hope your New Year is off to a good start.

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Paulie! I'll stop by when I get a chance soon. 2011 ended sort of bad. Things are better now though. Hope to post all soon.