Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010


This weekend was about rest. And change. I probably would not have gotten to go to Market Days anyway. We slept in. I think we all needed the rest.

Somehow I managed to fall up our back three steps yesterday! This is the 2nd time in a week or so that I have trully felt my guardian angel was with me. As I fell, I felt strong arms around me lifting me so my fall would not be so bad. Otherwise I would have hurt my wrists. Don came a few seconds later to help me up, but I was already getting up. Thankfully my knee is not really sore today.

I had an art meeting to go to about starting up an abstract artist group. I took a few things with me. My latest abstract was one of them. Cindy had a great book for inspiration. We tried to come up with a name for this group. My 1st thought was Abstract Artists of Alabama. Then we came up with Oddball Arts as well as a few others. As we were thinking of names I worked on my abstact, adding forest green leaves. I think I had some good ones this morning as I was waking up but cannot remember them now. We need a lot of people to attend this to keep the cost down. It is $25 to rent the room. So the more we have, the less we have to pay. I will be inviting EVERYONE I know!

Rhett had wanted to be a policeman for Halloween for a couple of years now. We found a costume at Walmart for a reasonable price. I realized we probably won't be able to find costumes in his size next year. I asked a friend at work for some pins and such for his costume. Gil supplied me with a couple of things as well as offered a lot of ideas.

As is our family tradition, we meet at our oldest daughters house and take pics of our granddaughters with Rhett. Tatum was a disco girl from the 70's with the funkiest shoes you have ever seen. Wesley Rose was the pretties fairie with gold glitter in her hair that shone in the sunlight. Rhett dropped his gun right almost as soon as we arrived. Elisa said, "You dropped your gun there, Barney!" So I think that may be his new nickname!

We took pics outside but the sun was so bright, it was hard for the kids to look at the camera. The leaves would create shadows on their faces. But we managed to get some really good ones. I haven't uploaded them yet.

This was a year of change.... Rhett was invited to a spend the night Halloween party. So this was the first time we didn't either go to the American Legion or go trick of treating with the girls or to a church that was hosting a Halloween party. I guess that means my baby is growing up on me.

I know he was leery as we entered the house with a rubber wild dog on the front porch and real dogs in the house. But he had a good time. I was told he giggled most of the night. They stayed up til 3. Brandon's mom told me she took the skeleton, Mr. Bones down from the shower because of Rhett who said it felt like someone was watching him go. LOL

It sure was quiet in the truck after we dropped Rhett off. We watched the show "Scared Shreckless" and it made me miss Rhett. It was pretty funny.

We picked Rhett up before church this morning. Rhett was a little ill at times from lack of sleep. I told him if whinned, he couldn't do it again. He slept some, but I took a nap after a great lunch. I think I slept hard enough for both of us!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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