Friday, October 15, 2010

Lame But Thankful

Last Friday I had a rather really upsetting occurrence happen in my life, but I got it all straightened out - thank goodness. Don thought it was funny whereas I did NOT! It is like I have become the parents of my parents. I am the one who has to go the Principal's office, so to speak.

Don helped me set up for Market Days Saturday, but Rhett and I had to take it all down, put it in the monster truck, take it home and unpack it. Two very nice young soldiers helped us take the "walls" that Don built for me to hang my artwork. I guess R & I looked pretty pitiful trying to take them to the truck. I was so thankful for these guys.

I finally got to meet my friend Annica who worked for an office supply company we use at work. We had been like ships passing in the night, never meeting for years. She came to my 1st art show with the guild, but since we didn't know each other, we probably walked right by without knowing it. I had told Annica I was going to start calling her "Wilson" because she was like Tim the Tool Man's neighbor on "Home Improvement". LOL Annica is one of the sweetest ladies I had ever talked to on the phone. I don't know what it is with me... I think these people I talk to on the phone are blonde, but they always have darker hair. A Annica didn't look the way I thought she would. LOL This is not the first time that has happened.

Annica brought a bag of caps she knitted for little girls who have cancer. Our granddaughter Shelby thought of the idea so her mom asked people to donate ribbons or whatever so she, Kristina could make bows. Shelby has been in the newspaper in Indiana about her idea! Since Annica knits, she volunteered to make caps. They are so cute! I had a "fit" over a burgundy one with a white bow, the 1st one I picked up out of the bag Annica brought. "Fit" is a southern term if you didn't know that! LOL There was another really delicate cap; oh so soft. I had such a fit over the red one that Annica is going to make me one for Christmas! Yeah me! She also makes purses. I love the shoulder bag she made which was done in fall colors and lined with pretty checkered materials. I should have had a fit over the purse as well! LOL It was so nice to finally meet Annica and her husband who seems just perfect for her. They bought my "Rainy Day in Ga" magnet. We have since been emailing back & forth up a storm, but it has not brought any much needed rain to Georgia. LOL

It has been a rather calm and uneventful week this week and I am thankful. Just an ordinary life. Well, maybe not so ordinary.... We got Rhett's Halloween costume. I was thankful we found one to fit at Walmart as it was cheaper. I made him try it on in the costume dept. He went, "Really Momma?" Yes, really. He says this a lot lately. I have noticed I have been saying "That was lame" a lot this week as well.

An art activity was a bust on Monday evening because it WAS really lame. So Wednesday nite we gathered leaves before class. I tried my very best to be artistic with those leaves, but they just wouldn't cooperate. I hate it when that happens. I was unimpressed with my outcome. It was really lame too. I think my muse is on vacation on a sunny beach somewhere.

Speaking of leaves, I had found leaf card holders at Kohl's but only got three of them. They were able to find me more from another store. I use these to hold pics of my son. I traced the oak leaf on cardboard to make a template. I gave one to my BFF Nancy at church Wednesday night. Wednesday nite I saw old pics of Rhett when he was smaller. So cute! Nancy let me borrow one to have copies made of his cuteness with is mouth wide open.

I got new glasses this week for $20 like Rhett! I love my pretty pink Jessica McClintlock glass case even more. I'm trying to get used to bifocals & trying not to feel like an ole lady! LOL I went with the bifocal lines because it was cheaper. $20 is a lot cheaper than $75 any day of the week! Rhett told me they make me look younger. Thank you, Sweetie. Such a diplomat. He will make a good husband when his wife asks him, "Does this make me look fat?"

This week Rhett cooked his 1st cake. Well, it was one of those mini cakes, but still a cake. In fact, he cooked two so far this week. My little chef. So proud of him and thankful for him. Even shared the 2nd one with is Daddy.

I admit I am a little disapointed I won't be going to the Humminbird festival in Hogansville, Ga tomorrow. My BFF church friend Nancy doesn't feel like she can leave her hubby Tom after he almost died last month. Not that I blame her. I just sort of figured she would change her mind about going.

This week I am thankful for finally meeting a new friend. I am thankful for having a normal week even if some parts of it were lame. What are you thankful for? Care to share with us at Thankful Thursday? Then please join us at the following...
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Denise said...

Sending you much love and many hugs.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise. Back at ya!