Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Little of this... A Little of That...

Sorry I didn't send out a notice about the Columbus Artist Guild to all my in town friends and fellow art lovers. I almost didn't go to the meeting, but now am glad I did. It was supposed to be various artists displaying their works & held at the Britt David library where parking is limited. I now take two drinks with me.... leaded & unleaded Pepsi; regular Pepsi & caffeine free due to the fact they didn't have anything except diet drinks at one meeting.

I saw Bobby Jones, the artist I met at Arts on the River where I bought one of his ACEO trading cards. He remembered me, but said he never got an email from me. It made me think I had Alzheimer's because I was sure I emailed him. I know I emailed everyone about him. I just happened to have the pics I'd printed of my art this week with me so I was able to show him one of my newest abstracts which he liked. His website is:
so check him out if you haven't already.

We were inspired by questions like "How many of you feel the need to do art daily?", "How many of you did art this month?", "How many of you did art this week?" I, of course, raised my hand held high to these questions.

There was a lady potter name Elizabeth Satterfield from Hamilton, Ga who had an amazing story. Her grandmother & mom were potters also. She practically grew up on this much like my friend Chandi did. She went back to school to get a degree in Fine Arts. She had been an abstract artist painting huge pieces prior to her degree. As part of her curriculum, she had to take some pottery classes. When she walked in the pottery studio, she said it was like coming home. It smelled like her grandmother and she knew she'd found her calling. She also had to take photography. Her professor nearly cussed her out because her negatives were always dusty due to the pottery. He called her a "dauber" as in dirt dauber which led her to place dirt dauber nests on most of her pottery. Her pottery is a little bit different in style and texture. She makes what is called frog houses also. She tries to uplift the south in her work. Love that!

Lisa and Jim Moore displayed their art. Her's was jewelry inspired by an older piece she found in the 1930's and has tried to copy. Lisa is normally an abstract artist who is going to the other side - realism. She running in a lot of marathons also. Jim displayed his art on fishing lure which won him a ribbon at the art show.

Maggie Yanko of Russian heritage paints Russian style eggs.

A lady who will be at Christmas in the South displaying her Santas and other such dolls was very interesting and funny. She is the sister of former president Eric Maddox who videotaped the meeting. I loved the faces and materials on some of her creations. Her husband buys a lot of materials at estate sales for her. She is from Eufaula. So if you go to Christmas in the South be sure to stop by her booth to see these amazing faces.

Rebecca Kissell and her husband Bill make homemade soaps and were selling them. When her husband who is a school teacher retires next year, their business will probably become a full time job for him. Their company is called Secondhand Dogs Soap Co. Their website is:
Most are unscented, but they do have Christmas soaps in Frankincense and Myrrh. I liked the Frankincense better. $6 a bar. Rebecca designed the labels for the soaps which are beautiful but small pieces of art. These soaps can be used on dogs as well. They are good to use on chigger bites too.

It was all encouraging to know what other artists can do.

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