Friday, October 22, 2010

This Week in Review

Rhett watches a cartoon "Phineas & Ferb" where they say, "Ferb, I know what we are going to do today..." I have begun saying this on occasion when we are about to go somewhere to do something together. Rhett thinks this is funny.

Most days I do know what I am going to do. I know I am going to get up every morning, get Rhett ready for school and myself ready for work. I know I am going to work and thankful I have a job to go to that provides for us. Some people cannot find jobs nowadays. I usually know what I am going to wear although sometimes I change my mind which is a woman's thing to do. Sometimes I change outfits several times. But this morning I knew what I was going to wear due to a very irritated skin tag on the inside of my upper thigh near my groin. I had to wear loose fitting running pants after I "doctored" my leg and put a bandage on it. I apologized for wearing them to work, but my supervisor did not care as long as I was there unlike some people namely Silly Illy Nilly Dilly. I am thankful for all the clothes that I have; thankful I had these pants today. Some people may not have enough clothes to wear.

This skin tag reminded me I needed to make an appointment with Daddy's cute dermatologist which I did although I cannot get in until December on Donny Osmond's birthday!

Some days I know what I am going to eat for lunch on my way to work in the morning before 8 am! LOL Other days, my hormones may be off and I may not have a taste for anything. Or if I get something, it may not be what I really wanted. Still I am most thankful for the food I eat. Some people may not have enough to eat.

Today was about doing some of the things I should have done earlier in the week although there was no great rush for them to be done. Today is about having lunch with a friend. This week has been about hearing old songs on the radio which for me have felt like an old friend. I sang my heart out along with them. An old Beatles song, another oldie but goodie, "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes, and "Take It Easy" by the Eagles. You are singing those songs now, aren't you? And as always it has been another week of an artistic idea or two or three or four for which I am ever thankful! It has been about making Christmas bird ornaments. Why am I so into birds lately?

I do hope it has been as good a week for you as it has been for me thus far. Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend full of things you want to do that make you happiest and not just things you need to do.

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