Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Day & a Half!

Well, yesterday, I spilled white-out on the carpet & my plastic mat at work! So there is a white streak near my desk! LOL I took a pic of the spill on the mat because to me it looks like a skeleton head with a white robe over it. Guess I am going thru an accident prone phase.

I went to Taco Bell, got only one steak taquito and a limeade. I love their limeades! I got another limeade to bring back to work. It made me feel a bit weird afterward & it made me have to run pee a lot! LOL . I was working on the vacation/sick/comp time which I couldn't get to balance to save my life. Something triggered my sinuses causing me to have a tickle that wouldn't go away so I had to use my inhaler. Around 4, I was feeling weird, shaky, nervous and like I needed to eat something right then. I get like this once in awhile. I stayed past 5 trying to get that stuff to balance. I had to go get me something to eat as soon as I got off work. I got eggrolls. LOL Probably not the best to eat, but it was what I wanted. The lawyer called me as I was pulling out of the Chinese place.

I told the lawyer I would Not be bringing the contents of the safety dep box to his office! 1st of all he seemed a little too interested in the contents. 2nd it is not really any of his concern. If the jewelry came up missing, I am sure I would be blamed for it. I played dumb though asking him if it was ok if I just gave it to my cousin I couldn't see the point in driving all the way to his office anyway when my cuz can pick it up as it would be closer.

I was pretty wiped out by then. I did not go by the house to pick up my usual Wed nite supplies for Bible class. I was thankful we did not work on art last night either. I just didn't have the energy for it.

Don called before we left church last nite. Daddy's car broke down. They had gone to Aunt Pearl's to take her some salt! Just salt. The tow truck charged Daddy $90 to go 2 miles! Don had asked the young police officer if he could tow it with a chain, but the guy was unsure if it was legal! You know if I knew it was an elderly couple, I couldn't charge them that much. Maybe Don needs to go into that business! This depressed me because I figured their SUV could be my back up if need be. But life always throws you a curve ball out of left field. I figure my car would conk out not theirs.

I had to get up early to take Daddy to car place. Don thought it was the transmission, but it is something in the back part which will cost $1,500. Daddy needs to rent a car. You have to put $257 down, but at least you get that back. I had to see if I can take him at lunch time to get the rental car or get off earlier this evening. Of course there were no dept heads here when I needed them to tell me I can do this. Although I left a message for one of them to call me. Daddy really wanted me to come at lunch time. I guess they think I can do anything now.

I had planned on eating more for lunch today and not get another limeade for a long, long time. Now I will probably have to grab something on the way back, but I will have a lot of choices... Dinglewood, Speakeasy, Capt D's please, etc as well as get some drinks.

Illy was driving me & everyone nuts!!! She is Mrs. Chatterbox talking so loud to folks on the phone far more than is necessary. We do not need to hear her conversations in the office. She can be heard across the room into another person's office. I had to turn music on. Because she doesn't answer the phone, she thought she could transfer an inside call to me thinking the person calling was calling from outside. DUH! We all knew the guy was working except her. I figured he'd call me. I heard everything that was said. I don't like repeats. I went out to my car to get my bills I have to pay because I will probably have to transfer money into my checking account in order to write this check for Daddy. She had to tell me again this officer was going to call me. Then had the nerve to ask if I heard her. I went "YES!" You know when I say that, you've reached my boiling point & you should just stay away from me. I almost said, "Everyone heard you!" Then she went,
"S-o-r-r-y!" & mumbled something else as she entered her office. Just not in the mood for her today.

WELL, This has been a day & half! I took Daddy to get the rental. Because he can't hear, you have to use your credit card as a deposit, but they don't actually charge you the amount which was more than he was told me. I had to use my credit card to do this. I couldn't run the air in my car otherwise my car would have ran hot. Daddy asked when was Don going to fix it. It won't be Don, will be me. I signed the agreement on the rental because of my car running hot in case I need to use it next week to have mine repaired there. I will have to check w/ Don if he wants to use this place or not. He will probably tell me we don't need the rental; that I can use the monster truck which I hate to drive, but at least the air will work. The gas will kill me. Then I can't dare get a scratch on it!

They gave Daddy a Nissan vue(?). He reved it up in the parking lot! I made him wait til a car had passed before he left because I was so scared he was going to hit it! He did not drive straight home. I think he had to make a bill payment as well as get a check from his car insurance to cover the towing & rental fees. I made mom call me when he got home. I told her I'd go to the store for them if they needed anything. I don't want him driving it anymore than absolutely necessary. He has to work next week which is why I guess he thought he needed a car.

All I ask is that you please pray for my Daddy driving this rental car.

My church friend Nancy had called while we were going thru the credit card usage thing for the rental so I had to call her back afterwards. I went on to Capt. D's without air. I talked to her which helped. At that point I was almost near tears. I went ahead and ate figuring I needed this time and deserved it. I haven't abused my time like some people do although I have used it far too much lately on this estate crap! Because I went to a fairly new Capt D's, I was able to take pics of some neat new things which you know always helps me. I was thankful for this small blessing. I still had to get drinks to bring back with me. There is a shop in Cross Country that uses red & black bags for things they sell. I went in this place, bought a pair of undies for $1 & asked for a big bag so that lady can make me a purse out of colorful plastic bags. I think I have enough of them now! I planned to give them to her tonight at the PC art meeting. Another saving grace.

I did have a calming moment in the midst of my storm today.... As I was eating my shrimp at Capt D's, I heard a voice and saw an image of a magnet I have on my fridge that says this:


I have everything under control."


My car almost ran hot on the way back even without air, but once I got on the open road, it cooled back down. Thank goodness! I return, walking in with my drinks, there is Illy looking at what I have with me. I kept running into her today. Mom called to say Daddy got home ok - thank the Lord. I had 3 messages on my desk. Barely had time to get to my desk without someone calling me.

Then the lawyer called me asking if he needed to send someone to get the contents of the safety dep box!!!!!!!! This was the last straw. I told him NO! in a not so nice tone that I had a problem w/ my daddy I had to deal with. I'd just gotten back to work. That I had not had time to call my cousin yet. I would call him and he could come get it from me here at work! I was SO mad. I called mom who cannot hear me and asked who I was like Daddy used to do! I said, "This is your daughter, hold on!" I went in another lady's office & almost knocked Illy a whirling then slammed the door with her nearby (not in her face!) I think she went "Well!" At that point I really didn't care. I was ready to cuss that lawyer out! Mom gave me her permission & said she would be more than happy to do it for me! LOL Gotta love her.

I called my cousin who said he could be here in 15-20 mins. Next I had to deal with the xerox man. I get a phone call while I was on my way back to my desk. I run thinking my cousin is here. The officers tell me not to run 'cause others will think someone is running & run with me! LOL It was my cousin wanting the check dated for Mon. I want to call the bank to get the exact amount before I write it, but I have not had time to do so yet with everything I have had going on. I want the paperwork stating I have been dismissed 1st too before I do this.

So here I am at work almost at my wit's end. I told my cousin I called him to give him the contents only today. I am not at a point to deal with the other because I have to talk to the lawyer. He says he has things he needs to do. He is not even outside as I thought! So I ran for nothing from the middle of the prison. I tell him I am at work. I had to tell him this again. I finally just hung up on him.

He arrives. I take him out to the car. I hand him the bag. He looks inside. The 1st thing out of his mouth is "Where are the pearls?" I show him the case they are in which was in between paperwork. Did he think he'd just see a string of pearls in there by themself? He realizes he was accusing me and said he was just wondering. It had clouded up so I was going to get my umbrella while there. The infamous pink one! LOL I thought it was in the front floorboard, but it was on the back seat. How observant of him to see it for me. I told him I'd call him tomorrow. He told me he needed to fix the roof. I just walked away from him without saying a word.

Tomorrow just has to be a better day. Please pray with me that it will be. Thank you. If you have thankful thought in the midst of your storm today, please share them with us at "Thankful Thursday" at Iris' at the following....


Denise said...

I love tacobell limeades too, yummy. I am praying for your dad, and for you. I love you my friend.

becky aka theRAV said...

Me too, Denise, but I don't think I will have one again for a long time! LOL Thanks for your prayers as always.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Becky,

Thank God for seeing you through the many ups and downs. The magnet on the fridge is really encouraging! I too need to remember that God has everything under control. I am praying with you too for your Daddy driving the rental car and praying for you too that God may bless you in many wonderful ways as you rest in Him day by day admist the many challenges in life. He is with you always and holding you tightly to Himself.

Thanks for your visit and encouragements. You are another Super Encourager that the Lord has brought into my life and I love to hear from you always. Please take care, sweet friend, and may God bless you and family with a blessed and refreshing weekend!


becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, indeed Nancie, Thank God for seeing me thru the many ups & downs on this roller coaster of life I have been on. Glad you liked what my fridge magnet said. I need to remember that God is in control far more often. Thanks for your prayers for Daddy and for the blessing for me. You are so sweet. Rest in Him day to day is also good advice I need to heed often also. Thank YOU for that.I loved that He is with me always even when I feel no one else is. A God hug. How awesome. May you have one yourself today and always.

I believe YOU are the THE Super Encourager here. I love to hear from you too. Your words always give me a much needed lift. We were blessed with a refreshing weekend. Hope you had one too. Thanks again, my friend.

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