Friday, June 4, 2010

A Better Day

Well, I found out how & why my tea dumped on my head.... It was raining yesterday evening. I went to get out of my car at mom's, placed a canned drink on top of my car, reached to get my purse & it spilled on the other side of my head! That **** pink umbrella Illy gave me for Christmas knocked it over! The can hit the ground and got on my pants & I had an art meeting to go to! Luckily I have clothes to change into at mom's. I think from now on I will never ever leave a drink on top of my car! Later Don had the nerve to say it would be better for my hair if I let the rain fall on it. DUH! Not when it was pouring like it was the day the tea poured on me! I would have looked like a drenched rat at work!

Art meeting was sort of boring. No air so it was, hot but tolerable. Had an unexpected visitor - a may fly which I had never seen before. Although there are several other photographers there, some pro, funny none had a camera with them. Guess that makes me a pro! LOL I took a pic of course. June, the older lady who teaches painting was about to turn 84! She now tells me to take a pic of this and that which I find funny. Another artist who makes jewelry offered me a show I could be in at Covenant Woods on 6/26, but... there is a $25 fee. I could go in with some & split the cost which would be better. I thought it would conflict w/ VBS. It is also my parent's anniversary, but we could still go to lunch afterwards as it is from 9-12. Lunch would be cheaper than dinner. We'll see... Still it made me feel good that she thought of me. Actually made it a point to ask me & no one else! Maybe I fit in here better as these are just plain everyday folks not putting on airs.

TGIF! Not a moment too soon. Two days of being dumped on my head are enough! LOL But at least I can laugh about it.

Today I am FINALLY FREE!!! YEAH! And am in shock. My cousin says he is going to let Daddy have the money for his car repair!

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