Monday, June 14, 2010

Life in the Jungle

Friday after work, I was going to get my 1st pedicure of the year. I started to just have clear polish put on my toes since I had these jaguar nails I was going to glue on my fingernails for VBS. I'd have to fix my toes to match, buy brown polish for the spots, etc. I go in figuring it will cost me about $20 or 30 at the most. I felt my feet deserved this. As my feet were being done, I asked if the guy could do zebra stripes. He said he could, but he couldn't. One of the oriental girls said she could. She actually used acrylic black paint with a very long haired brush to do the stripes! "Won't that come off?" I asked. Then I realized a clear coat would be put on top of it. I thought they looked like pieces of artwork. Afterwards, they told me it would be $44!!!! I almost died. But they look so cool & I have gotten so many compliments on them. I will try to do it myself next time because I won't pay that much $ for it! I live and learn the hard way.

Don worked on my car Sat while I was at church working on VBS. He replaced the fan motor which was a little over $100. He thinks he fixed it. On my way to work, the temp gauge was lower than it had been being and I was thankful. I still haven't run the air yet. I had on a tank top as I have a jungle shirt to wear over it for VBS tonight. It has zebra stripes in it. So pray & keep your fingers crossed that the air works without overheating. One friend told me I need to lay hands on my car and pray! LOL I had not thought of that.

Well, Nancy & I have worked our fingers & butts off working on VBS. We know we worked harder this year than last year. We have been together so much we were even saying the same things at the same time like I used to do with you, Genie and Penny. We were there all day Sat til 9:30 pm. Dead tired. Sun was dinner at church. Rhett & I stayed afterwards. Don put some things on the ceilings for us as well as stapled some of the animals up on the walls, but he doesn't staple like we do. LOL He is stingy with them whereas we are not. Ideas were still coming at the last minute. Nancy had 2 turtles. I put them on the floor and made a small sign that said "Turtle Crossing". So cute. We worked up til 6:30 yesterday afternoon & it began at 7 pm. Our room is the best of course. Our preacher even told us this. The young man who organized everything last year came for it with his wife. I told him how much we missed him & how we took him for granted.

Rhett even asked if we would get points for this. I told him we would. The preacher laughed. Rhett didn't get it. I has to explain that we would get the points in heaven.

I took lots of pics but had no time to upload. Too tired last nite but it is a good tired knowing you were working for the Lord.

It is funny that visiting kids seem to be meaner than our kids. One little girl would hit her grandma & she was going to our class! Nancy is really good with the kids we teach; far better than me. She doesn't play either & will put them in the time out corner in a NY minute. We had more than expected and planned for, but it worked out . Just had to re-think some activities. I will probably be dead by Thursday nite! I'd thought about doing Market Days as it is cheaper than going to the senior place where the entry fee is $25. Will have to see...

Ordered Don & the grandfathers special Father's day gifts.

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