Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Made Me Happy This Week

Well, here it is... another Thankful Thursday and as always, I have a great deal to be thankful for this week. I am thankful for my dear sweet mom who bought Rhett some back to school clothes and a book bag. We got to spend some quality time together shopping Saturday. We went to the Kiddie Shoppe 1st, but didn't find anything there for Rhett. However, I found an awesomely illustrated book Cinderella by K. V. Craft, but I did not buy it. I haven't tried to look it up on the net yet, but I hope you will so you can see the beautiful artwork. I was concentrating on buying for school - not me. There were very large sunflower type flowers hanging in the store's windows. Naturally I took a photo of one. We had a good lunch. Got Rhett shoes at Kohl's as well t-shirts & other things. He got a bookbag at Target which my mom refered to the place as that one that began with an "O". I thought she meant Old Navy. I had to figure out where she meant. LOL We had popcorn and a Pesi after shopping there. Later it turned out to be my day to see folks. I emailed some of my high school friends who I saw. They cannot get over my remembering these people. It is a gift. What can I say? It makes my friends feel like they were on another planet during high school or slept through it. LOL

On Monday, I printed pictures at Walmart. The big flower pictured here was one of them and the same one I wrote about up above. This time I did something different... I added a border to the photo which was a good thing because it cut out some of the parked cars underneath the flower which I didn't care for. This is an uncropped photo. Sorry. I used a turquoise scrapbook type of border that to me complimented the red colors of the flower. This photo made me very happy. So I made another one adding the words, "Be Happy" in yellow which is on the flower. I did yet another one with a blue jean border. Rhett liked the blue jean one whereas I prefer the turquoise. I showed them to two people at work the next day. They really liked them. One was a plant man, but he didn't care for the words on the flower. He felt it took away from the flower. This did not bother me. I realize we all have our differences, preferences and opinions. We can't all be the same and I for one would not want to be just like everyone else. Although I valued his opinion, it didn't hurt my feelings in the least. I still like mine better. As I have stated before, the little things mean far more to me. I still can't believe that one photo could make me so happy! The plant man also said if I keep at it, I will find my niche. Little does he know I already have... It is called art. Art makes me very happy. I am thankful for my inspiration that comes from ABOVE.

Sorry the picture does not have the border I described. I have yet to take a photo of the photo. LOL I need to hook up my scanner so this will be easier on me.

Georgia had a tax free weekend last weekend and I was thankful for that small blessing. Besides getting Rhett's school supplies, I got myself some paint markers and other markers. Earlier in the week, I drew a flower on a inexpensive piece of stationary and turned it into a scrapbook page. This made me happy also.

I am thankful I had a class yesterday so I could see some old co-workers. I got to see my dear sweet friend Patti. She reminded me that it had been awhile since I had been in our old office to see her. Maybe 6 months which made me feel bad. I am deeply concerned about her. She has had a brown spot on her cheek for some time. It seemed bigger than last time I saw her and it has a tiny dark spot on top of it now. I know she always puts her family before herself. I didn't say anything about the brown spot to her because I would never hurt her feelings. I am asking for prayers on her behalf please that it is not anything serious or life threatening. Our preacher said it may be something internal. All I can do is pray about this and hope for the best; hope it is nothing.

I forgot my favorite little black jacket in the conference room. I emailed the person who had the class after I got home.

I am thankful I got to talk to my best friend Penny not once, but twice yesterday. Hopefully we will get together this weekend. I can hardly wait! She always has a cough when they fly down to Ga which concerns me also since she had breast cancer. I know I am such a worry wart, but I want to keep my friends a little longer.

Thankfully I was able to get my black jacket back this morning. I am so lucky. This jacket has been like a faithful friend to me over the past couple of years. It is always there when I need it. It keeps me warm in the Spring and Fall. It goes with everything. Like in Goldilocks, it fits just right. I am thankful to still have it. I think because it was so much apart of me, I KNEW it would still be there waiting for me. I am thankful for honest people. Getting my favorite jacket back made me happy. Getting my favorite jacket back. Priceless.

I am thankful I found two inexpense blouses this week. One is not exactly my style, but it was my color... hot pink. It reminded me of a Hawaiian blouse I have had for so long it is starting to fade. One blouse was $2.99! I also found two unique photo frames for 99 cents! The bird picture I took Friday did not fit it. I will have to play with it to get it to fit. Then I found 11 cents in one day. I am artful. I am rich. I am blessed and I am indeed thankful for all that made me happy this week. What made you happy this week?

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PERBS said...

I am happy that my mosquito bites are gone. Ü

I am sorry you wer too busy to see my odd shot last week.

Angela said...

I love all the blessings and thankfulness that was in this post. ((hugs))

Denise said...

Asking God to continue to make you happy.

becky aka theRAV said...

Well, I am happy your skeeter bites are gone too, Paulie. I did finally comment on your odd shot. Hi Angela! Love my blessings and thankfulness too. Hugs back at ya!
Denise, that was so sweet of you!