Thursday, September 13, 2012


You pray real hard asking for certain needs. The next morning you receive small gifts in the mail in the form of free labels, a few free sheets of stationary with Bible verses on it. Those labels have a tulip on it that matches perfectly the tulips you drew on your ongoing doodle on your desk.The one you just did not think was finished yet. You cut one tulip off a label and draw a black picture frame around it that matches the other 7 small frames. Frames within my art. This tiny tulip has the word LOVE on it. You cut out one of the tulips from the stationary which fits right in next to one you drew yourself. Serendipity. How cool is that?

Today you get a fortune cookie that says:
"God will help you over come any hardship."

How can it not be a good day when you know the Lord is speaking to you?  

Yesterday evening I had my 1st free moment. I thought I could print pics of Rhett in his new band uniform at Walmart but NO! Their machines were down as always. I so miss Wolf camera! It is never a wasted trip to Wally world. I found a tie-dyed piece of felt for 97 cents, I got black paper plates for the same price. Black paper plates you ask? We all know I am way over the hill! LOL Because of my positivity yesterday, I wanted to pass that on to my Bible class. Have them start looking for the positive in every day. After my lesson, I had a few things I had received in the mail such as junk mail, flyers, etc. We were going to cut positive words out and glue them on the black plate which would become a piece of their art.

Had to get some gas which I got at Walmart because it is USA gas. Had to go by mom's. She needed milk. I went to Lewis Jones on 13th. I get in line behind a woman who had to put some food back then found she could buy one more item. Sad. Mom's debit card wouldn't work even after many attempts. As you know, I am not a patient person. I needed to pick up my guys and to be at church! I did not have time for this! No other cards worked. The manager finally took me over to "his" register and of course it went through!

As I was putting the milk in the mom's fridge, I saw she was not completely out. She probably would have had enough. This probably could have waited til tomorrow. I just hung my head like Tom Selleck did in "Magnum, PI". Been here, done this before. Probably will do it again. The story of my life.

So I was late to class. When I walked in the room, I could see that Casey was upset & crying. It was about a boy she had problems with in the past. This is the guy she loves; a guy she almost broke her hand hitting a wall instead of hitting him! Casey had other problems at school last year that resulted in going to alternative school. She just got out of it and is back in her regular classes with her grade. At least she was not put back in the same grade as last year. Because of all this, she is seeing a counselor and not just one at school. Last night wasn't just about this boy. Casey brought up the subject of her father. She was very close to him, they did everything together and he just left one day about five years ago. Didn't say goodbye, kiss my foot or anything. She doesn't understand how a father could do that. Nor do I. Like most Dads who leave, he says he will come see her and then never does; says he is too busy. How can you be too busy for your child? Because she loves him, she is still nice to him which her mom cannot understand. Casey said being ugly to him will not make him do better. Please keep Casey in your prayers. She really, really needs them.

So sometimes life isn't always about the plans or the lessons we prepared. We have to put things aside to be there for others, friends, and our fellow church members who are in need. My topic for today was going to be about being positive. The word of the day is positivity. I can see this word in a fancy font on my black plate. LOL But life isn't about just being positive. It is about seeing others are in need and helping them even if it is only listening to them; letting them vent their problems. You may be the only one they can talk to. Lord knows when we make plans, He changes them. Plan all you want. Life will surely throw you a curve ball which takes you in a different direction with many detours along the way. I have always enjoyed detours because you get to see something you have never seen before. Last night I would rather have seen anything than Casey's sadness. Life is about being there for others, our family our friends, our church members, etc. Even if we have to miss another aspect of church or fellowship with others.

Casey did make a piece of plate art. I thought it might help her in some small way; to help get her mind off her problems. She used a Bob Marley quote she wrote herself and added a few other words to it. I took pics for her and for me. I wished that Casey and I could create and sell art together. We stayed in our room rather than joining the rest of the congregation at Casey's request. I told her we could so she could get herself together. I explained this to our preacher later.

Last night Casey was my wing man and as many, many, many times as I have watched "Top Gun", I know you always remain with your wing man no matter what.

So what positivity did you find this week? Care to share? Then please join us for Thankful Thursday at the following...

Ps.  I read where you could take a simple piece of copy paper, fold it in 4ths like a card. I cut my copy paper in 4ths so the top of the fourth would fit over my cardstock. I tore out a center, placed it on my card stock. I only had a limited number of stamp pads available but just had to try it anyway. I picked blue. I got a cotton ball and dabbed around the torn circle. Once I had stamped it and removed the copy paper, it revealed a cloud! I'd stamped it slightly heavier blue on the bottom which worked out well. So cool!


Kathleen said...

Isn't it amazing sometimes how God blesses us... Sometimes for me it's just the morning sunrise but I feel like it is a personal gift, just for me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of a fortune cookie message as a message from God... Sweet! Have a wonderful day!

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Kathleen it is amazing how God blesses us. Glad we think alike too.