Thursday, August 30, 2012

Confessions of a Former Groupie

What has happened in my life that I am thankful for the last few weeks, 21 days to be exact? I had my share of life's ups and downs as always, but lately there seem to be a lot more ups. I am very thankful for all my ups. The downs certainly make you appreciate the ups more.

I guess my muse has deserted me again poetry-wise because the poems have now stopped. Others have stopped sending them or sending lines back. I haven't done much art, but I am not really worried. I haven't had time to create a new blog yet because.... We have certainly been busy with band practices, football games as well as an out-of-town Band-O-Rama last Friday night. I am loving being a band mom! I have a t-shirt idea but I have only shared it with close friends and family out of fear of someone stealing my idea although few would want it.
I am so proud of our son. I took a pic of him walking up from the field as he passed by me at the first game. I was so proud I almost cried. That is now one of my fave pics of him. When I told him this later, he simply patted me on the shoulder and whispered so seriously, "Everything will be okay" which cracked me up.

The Band-o-Rama was awesome. Some bands were smaller but still had great routines to compensate for their lack of size in my book. Auburn University band was the best of all though. I figured Rhett would want to go there because of it. Even though AU did "Crying" by Arrowsmith as Rhett's band did, they gave his band credit which was nice. I still liked Rhett's band better because it had horn solos. It was funny everyone would stand up for AU's fight song except me, my son-in-law who is a die-hard Alabama fan and the lady next to me. I told her I was a Georgia fan and she just suddenly hugged me because she is one too! My husband looked at me so I explained why this strange woman hugged me.

My mom fell last Saturday, but she is okay thank goodness so I am thankful for small blessings. Our older kids lost their grandfather. I knew the visitation funeral would be really hard on me since it would be the first once since Daddy's death. I wasn't sure I could do it but the kids have been there for me in my losses. I felt I needed to be there for them. Even my husband's ex said she knew this was hard for me which I thought was nice. I did pretty good until they played "Taps" at the funeral and I lost it. It brought back so many memories of Daddy's funeral. It was also hard on my husband who lost his father-in-law. Our preacher was present and I worried how he was dealing with it since the loss of his wife Katherine a few years back but we survived. My friend Tracy cheered me on that I could do it; that I was a strong woman.

My BFF Penny FINALLY got on Facebook. She recntly told me an old mutual friend rode his motorcycle down to Savannah to see her at her mom's. While he was there, he called the lead singer of the band we used to be groupies for so she could talk to him. I could just hear his soft, sexy voice as if he was talking to her or me. It brought back some wonderful memories. David was one of Penny's FB friends. I befriended him and went into his friends list where I found other members of the band. I was so excited!!! I had not been this excited in a long, long time. I got to see old pics of the group. They had a reunion last weekend and had posted some videos. I got to hear old songs. I got to hear Ralph's voice simply saying, "Oh, No!" and it was like yesterday again. I was seeing old friends I had not seen in 30 years!

I admit I was a former groupie with pride. I am not ashamed of it for I did nothing wrong or bad. I had a past. One I would not change because that past led me to where I am today. It seems I have made a lot of lifelong friends along life's way and I am so thankful for them all. So very thankful to reconnect with them again.

Also on the way to work this morning, I crossed paths with Satan. I passed a car that had a Christian fish symbol only it had Darwin in the center of the fish with feet! I had no clue what it meant. I asked but was told it was a follower of Darwinism. Later I was told by a friend to google it which I did. I was told this, " Maybe they were our Jesus Christ feet carrying the fish that ate the darwin." LOL I said I would follow Jesus thank you very much. My friend Pat said this, I am happy and content to know that my Lord Jesus Christ carries me when I need Him. That is enough for me." Amen.

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Denise said...

Blessings and love to you sweet friend.

Tami Boesiger said...

Good job finding things to be thankful for even in your busyness.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thank you, sweet Denise. Blessings back at ya!

becky aka theRAV said...

Yes, Tami! I liked your word "busyness"! LOL
My middle name these days.

becky aka theRAV said...

And Tami, I love your blog esp because I have a trombone player!