Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Geek Art

We have this new fun thing at our local library. It is called "I Geek..." You can go on line and add what you geek. There is a billboard downtown. The library turned an entire wall into a giant chalboard where you can write what you geek. Yesterday afternoon it was a nearly blank slate. I looked in the cup for a pink piece of chalk and just had to write "I geek art" and signed it, "~theRAV~ because that is what I geek and who I am. Of course I had to take a photo of it. I really needed a damp cloth to get rid of the previouse white chalk still lingering but it will be a neat effect. This made me happy. I will post the pic later....I promise.

Several free postcards were lying on a table. I took three that had a guy saying "I Geek Art". I haven't sent postcards to friends in awhile. I got a few more postcards today that has a woman on one side who geeks vampires! LOL Couldn't resist.

I am currently reading Eternal by J. K. Forrester and loving it.

Don has a knot at one surgical site that is worrying me. He has not been feeling well but is not really allowing himself to recover. He wanted to go to the new hunting land today, but figured we would be of little help to him. I just do not feel he should be putting up deer stands a week after having surgery! I think I finally got through to him. I think he should call the doctor on Monday for an earlier appointment.

My cuz Lance from Idaho sent me funny art cartoons from his home state that made me laugh, art articles that gave me a page full of links to look at later. One article was about Doodling which is one form of art I do. Who knew there are classes for this? Others were about art studios. Ironically he sent cards. There just happened to be a really cute turtle one I can give to Tiffany for her birthday. It seems like he sent a timely package that had cards in it for her birthday last year or one year! Loved the turtle. His Boise seems to have a nice artistic community. It made me want to go there! LOL Once I check out these links, I will add them in another post.

I did finish a small piece of art today. It was a modern fancy font of F with blue polka dots and circles. I hung up some of my many spools of ribbon on the new idea I discovered... A hanger that holds several pairs of pants.

What do you geek?

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