Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Scare

We had a scare last Friday night. I thought D was just mad R's school was losing the game. We had to leave early because D wasn't feeling good. I picked R up from school once the band bus arrived. D told us to go on to bed. At 2:30 am he woke us up to be taken to the ER. He told me to punch it because he was dying. I knew he wasn't dying but I did drive faster. It was his appendix which would have to be removed even though he had hoped he could keep it! LOL

Took R to Mom's so he could sleep. I texted our other grown kids at 8 am. The girls came to the triage room where we had some good laughs that continued in the or prep. Surgery was scheduled for 11 am. I worried that I shouldn't have let R sleep; that he wouldn't get to say goodbye to his Daddy. Elisa said a beautiful prayer for her Daddy that had all of us crying. I did go get R after D was taken down for surgery. All went well. He did good; was able to walk around later that night. He didn't sleep much that night because he was constantly peeing. He was released by the dr at 10 am but hospitals run on army time.... hurry up and wait. I felt he stayed up too long that Sunday myself.

I was so tired and exhausted and no one seemed to see this except R later in the evening who told me to go lay down. Then I got my 2nd wind because I cooked supper and made a desert! Too tired to work. Felt like I did not have a weekend. D ran fever that night. Just thankful he is okay and still with us.

You will be happy to know that Casey Anne (the young girl I teach Bible class on Wed nites) is doing much better this week. I had worried about her all week long. She and her ex-boyfriend have apologized to each other. Not sure I could have done that after what happened. She is a smart girl though. I am so proud of her. She told him they can't be friends, can't be around each other and hang out because she cannot go thru what she went thru last year again. So your prayers worked! Thank you for them!

My good friend Gil gave me a dream catcher this week. I decided to pass on his Random Act of Kindness (RAK) and give the dream catcher to Casey. I am SO glad I did now because she said she has been having a lot of bad dreams lately. I asked her to tell me about her dreams. She dreams something will happen to her fave grandma; her paternal one that she is the closest to of any family member. Casey often dreams of the old house her other grandparents (the Kings) used to live in. I told her that was because she was the happiest there. She agreed and admitted she hasn't really been happy in a long, long time. Casey is hoping the dream catcher will capture all her bad dreams now. So thanks, Gil for giving it to me. Your RAK was passed on to someone who needed it. You never know what the power of a RAK will do for someone.   This week I let small things get to me like paper issues which seem unimportant compared to other things that are far more important. No sense in getting mad over used, lost or undelivered paper when you have a lot more to be thankful for. What are you thankful for this week? Care to share? Then please join us at the following....

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