Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Odd Shot of 2011


Bet you can't guess what this is!

Dear Blog and blogging friends,

I am sorry I have been away for what feels like forever and a day; a year quite literally. I knew I had a sinus infection but did not go to the dr until I had an upper respiratory infection that kicked my butt for awhile. I did not feel like sitting at a computer, reading nor writing emails so you know I was sick! I am better now but still have that nagging cough. I cannot get too hot or else it will bring on a coughing spell.

A lot has happened since my last confession. LOL My life as I knew it changed when my Daddy fell a few days after Thanksgiving. He is no longer able to drive and has been told he cannot drive anymore. My mom doesn't drive either and I am an only child so I am their only means of getting things done. We have been trying everything to keep Daddy's spirits up and keep him eating. After being sick, I lost a few pounds so he now weighs more than me, but not by much. He has been on a heart monitor for over a week now due to an irregular heart beat. The monitor had been a royal pain especially for my parents who don't know a lot about such devices.

We went to Indy for Christmas where we had snow. I was able to take some pics there. One I had pre-thought and prepared to take. I got the shot I wanted so I was like a little kid who had just opened a cool gift on Christmas day. The shot was taken on Christmas Day at my sister-in-law's house in Birdseye, IN. Got some cool pics of our Granddaughter Shelby.

Our New Years was rather uneventful. We stayed home and rang in the New Year with a glass of sparkling grape juice.

I was sick on my birthday which sucked, but I was still able to have lunch with my friend Anne who drove all the way down from Carrollton just to take me to lunch. Later I had my first meeting as Vice President of the PC arts. I had to ask if I could say stuff. I could and did. I am excited about it my position. Rhett & I took an art class where I nearly coughed my head off but we created art. It felt good to be creating it again as I had not felt like it nor had the time. I am collaborating with another artist. I took something she started and went with it. It has turned out pretty cool. It looks like a lot of snakes. I may call it the "The Snake Pit". LOL We'll see...

My art and blank canvases have been calling to me. Almost yelling my name or screaming "Paint me! Paint me!" I have 3 or 4 ideas I want to work on so badly I was able to begin one of them today. I let the paint dry. I uploaded pics and sent them out as emails as is my Sunday ritual. Well, it was until I got sick. It was nice to be missed by two of my friends. They knew it was usual not to get an email from me. The fact that they noticed made me feel good.

My Aunt in Montgomery passed away. We went to the funeral last weekend to represent my mom since she would not leave Daddy to attend. A former co-worker passed away also.

I haven't been taking as many pictures, but it hasn't really bothered me or made me feel as if I must take a pic every day. Although that is a thought. I feel like I need an artistic challenge. I used to participate in several things with other blogs and bloggers. I was thinking I need to re-connect or find a blog that is doing something creative with photography. Like I have time. Then I took this really odd shot today. It made me remember Odd Shots and wonder if others are still doing it. But most of all, it made me happy as my photography usually does. So I am content. Tired but content and now ready for bed.

I remain ever thankful for all my many blessings. Thankful to be blogging again although I know I am leaving a lot out like yesterday's key incident. At least I can still laugh at myself and the crazy things I do. But it's all good. It is my life and I love it.
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Paulie said...

Glad you are getting better. Hope you had a good birthday celebration in spite of being sick. I don't know what your photo is-- it looks like part of a girl's outfit and a curtain on the right. How far off am I? No snow for us this year I guess.

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Paulie! I am better. I had a good birthday in spite of being sick. The photo is of red jello. LOL So you were pretty far off.