Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yesterday was yet another busy day. Took things to the church that were to go in the fruit bowls to be delivered to those in nursing homes, the hospital and my Daddy. I was torn in 2 directions because my BFF was in town for her future son-n-law's graduation. She, her daughter & son-n-law were stopping by my folk's house to see my Daddy which I thought was so sweet. They were running behind time because they stopped to get them a poinsettia. It was great to see them all again as always. I just cannot thank her enough for doing that visit.

We went back to the church to begin the caroling for those on our sick list. Daddy was the 2nd one on the list. I stood by him singing so he could hear as I knew he didn't have his hearing aids in. Tiffany handed him her list of songs and he sang along. It was when our preacher had prayer that mom and I started crying.

Then it was off to the hospital where my friend Mike E's mom was recently admitted for jaundice and too my pyridium as well a transfusion. She looked pretty good considering all that. I think she enjoyed us because she told us to come back. I think Mike really appreciated it. He was holding her hand when we entered.

Another stop at another nursing home where the lady had alzheimer's and was unaware of us. Then to see Mrs. Mavis. We surprised her with everyone. She thought it was just Nancy and I. Mrs. Mavis is greatly improved and can now use her hands again.

Rhett & I didn't have anything to eat all day so we were starving. I said I could eat a half of cow! We took the leftovers from the cow to my folks! LOL We also had something for Don.

We came home and I began wrapping presents. Didn't got to bed til late.

We have such a wonderful church family. I am so thankful for them.

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