Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Weeks in Review

The week before last, We had our first Christmas party with one of my art groups which was fun especially for me. Don asked where my stuff was. As he went thru the gallery, he said, "This one looks like one of your's." It WAS my photograph! LOL At least he recognizes my style.

Friday I knew I had to call in a script for Daddy. I had to pick Rhett up from school. Then Daddy needed stamps. I called the neighborhood drug store to make sure they sold stamps. I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone & save gas. When I got to their house, Mom told me I had to go pay some bills. I still had to get yet another prescription! Mom thought that may have been part of the problem... he wasn't taking his pills. It is not like they cost him a lot. Their power and water which was due on 11/24 & the car payment. I thought I should put his checks in the bank 1st to make sure there was money in there. I thought it wise I go inside to the bank near their house where they know Daddy. I know I need to get a POA now for sure. Then I made the car payment. I had 10 mins to pay the power bill & water bill! Now I am in a car that the power window do not work! I made it just in time at the water works. A nice old security guard let me in at 1 min til. The clerks gave me a dirty look. I told him I could almost kiss him! Then I got his other script.

Daddy wanted me to come back @ 9 am to go pay his Visa bill. Aunt Betty was coming to see him & mom said she could pay it. He got mad and said "Whatever" which means he doesn't like it.

I still had to go get ready for the City's Christmas party. I'd bought a Reba (McIntire) black sequin cowl neck on sale. I'd gotten a pair of legging pants with smaller black sequins going up the sides of the legs on sale. I wore hot pink short boots and my white coat with the white fur collar. By the time I got ready I was so tired I felt I needed a drink!

We sat with my friend Debra and her husband as we usually do. Debra and I were busy catching up so Don went to get his food. I saw Tommy I knew he was coming with his sister Cathy. I went to speak to him. Cathy was already asking Don if they could sit with us. My friend Patti came later. Don let me fast dance with Tommy. Patti danced with him later. I didn't know the girl could dance! I got good pictures. I was thankful to be with my friends I sit with once at year at this party.

Saturday I go to my folks to pay Daddy's bill. I saw that it was due on the 10th! I could have paid it next week! Mom says he has to have things done right then. I paid our cell phone bill and got a few things, 3 Christmas gifts and some groceries for them.

I was thankful I got to talk to my cousin Patsy who had a stroke back during the summer. She is doing well. She goes to therapy 3 times a week which tires her out and she goes to bed afterwards. She had to go to the dr once a week. Her grandson and his wife moved in with her and take her to her appointments as she can no longer drive. Her right leg shakes now. I broke down on the phone with her because earlier I was telling Rhett about how Uncle Frank, Uncle Bert , Uncle R. F. and Daddy would pass who they said was their "favorite brother-in-law" around. They would say, "No, he's YOUR favorite brother-in-law!" Patsy laughed with me as she had heard this many times herself. I realized my Daddy is the only one of them left. That was when I lost it. Later Rhett asked me why I was crying.

I got to see Aunt Betty for a few minutes. She had gotten Daddy a pair of pjs for mom. I was relaying messages between her and Patsy. It was good day. I was thankful for that small blessing of talking to one relative while seeing another one.

We had to hurry home because we were going to a pig roast at church friend's house. They live out in Ft. Mitchell with land and horses. Don wasn't ready! He'd been hunting. We got lost. Brian was following us so it was the blind leading the blind. We ran into one of the deacons who knew where he was going. By getting lost, I was able to take pics of a field cotton! LOL I got pics of their horses too. One paint had a blue eye. There was a man there with a fancy camera so I asked him if he saw the horse's blue eye. He had not and he sounded excited about it. Last night Rhett zoomed in on the eye and you can even see the horse's eyelashes! So I cropped it with just the eye. It looks so cool. That will be my brother-in-law's Christmas present. Sh. Don't tell him.

We stopped at the car lot our friend owns where Don was working prior to his latest job. Joey still has a black Park Avenue. Don was thinking of getting it for Daddy and us taking over the payments on his car. This car doesn't have a radio. Aunt Pearl used to have a 5th Ave car which I loved and loved to drive. I hated it when they got rid of it. I wanted it! This one has black interior and black leather seats. It is not bucket seats either. My camero had black interior with leather seats and I said "NEVER AGAIN!" We will wait to see what his drs say before buying this one. It is an older model than mine.

It was pretty windy standing in the lot talking to Joey and my friend Nancy. I wound up taking a hay fever pill when we got home. I still had my bills to pay, one for mom and get them more groceries! I forgot the grocery list (which I seem to do a lot!) so I had to call Rhett from Walmart's. Just as I was about to reach for potato soup for our supper, a lady took the last 2 cans! I could have cried at that point. I had to ask a manager to get some more and I was thankful he did. Rhett & I didn't get home til after 9. Don was asleep on the couch. He didn't want soup then. I was so tired I could have cried. I fixed Rhett some chicken noodle soup and went to bed.

Sunday was church and lunch with friends. We had a singing at a church we attended before we got married. They wouldn't let us get married in that church and I swore I wouldn't set foot in it again. I had forgotten about my words. Don told me it had been over 16 yrs since I had been in it. The songs helped me. I was so relaxed I probably could have went to sleep.

Had to get milk and bread for my folks. They were having the yard raked when we arrived. I knew the yard men left. I was changing into a thicker sweater when I heard a leaf blower in the front yard. I looked out the bathroom window and saw it wasn't the yard men. I figured it was mom's icky neighbor. She called him a lot worse and he is probably everything she called him! I am throwing on this sweater, ordering Rhett to get my glasses, telling Don to come with me! I did have my sweater on before I got the door unlocked. I said, "EXCUSE ME! My mom just paid to have those leaves raked up and you are blowing them back in her yard!" He said he just paid his yard man over Friday and her yard men blew them back in his yard. He'd had his car washed and her guys blew leaves all over his clean SUV. Why it was not parked in his fenced in yard is beyond me. Then he said the other yard men did the same thing and he spoke to them about it but didn't do any good. He said this was the 3rd time it had happened. We knew nothing about it.

Don said it was technically city property. He didn't say it loud enough esp for me.

So here I am on the sidewalk, Mom is behind me. Don is standing on the porch and my child is there. The man got a smart tone and said "What do you want me to do, have my yard man come back?" I told him no that mom would try to get in touch with her yard man (which won't be easy). Also I told him, "You do realize my mother will get out here tomorrow and rake those up and she is too old to be doing it!" She even told him in a soft. meek voice so unlike my mother she would do this. It must have made him feel bad. He said he was just mad and he would blow them out of her yard. Not sure this is resolved. I am going to get some orange florescent spray paint and draw a line where mom's fence ends even though it will go across the sidewalk which IS city property. I am sure he heard me saying, "I just cannot believe how people act these days!"

I was so mad I was shaking when we came inside. Mom apologized to me! It was not her fault! I told her I had become her. I will not let anyone take advantage of my parents! We went back to church. I'd left my keys at mom's so I had to use Don's this morning.Aunt Pearl wanted to come stay this weekend but Momma told her she had her hands full with Daddy. Mom is not sure if she got mad or not but she can't worry about that.

The next day was another day, but I was in a good mood and thankful for that good mood. Thankful for everything esp my parents still being around. I can't remember much about the week now as I was so busy going taking Rhett to school, working, going to the store for my folks that I just veg on the couch once I get home. I haven't done much Christmas shopping either.

Last Friday we had a Christmas party at my friend Mike's house. He didn't have one last year since his mom was in a nursing home. This year he felt like he could have one. He almost started to call it off because he had another tear in retina but he got it repaired. He had no tree up this year which is so unlike him. He did have a lot of Santas displayed everywhere. I was able to see our good friend Anne for a couple of hours.

The next day, Rhett & I were decorating at the church for a Christmas fellowship meal that night. Only my friend Nancy and her daughter showed up! Later one of the decon's wife came to help. The only problem I have is once you get the stuff up, someone always comes in wanting to change it but she only changed 3 small things I could live with. We made tiny cards for the tables with my many Christmas rubber stamps. We laughed, joked, cut up and had fun but I was hungry and tired. I still had to go home to cook! I stewed about us not having any more help but if there had been more, certain people would have made us want to pull our's and their hair out so it worked out for the best. Nancy and I are too much alike it is not funny. I got THE most perfect Christmas photo. I am so proud of it. I also want to paint it. It is calling to me, "Paint me. Paint me." but there is no time for painting right now. Nancy has already put dibs on my 1st painting.

I dropped my cell phone and it died. I knew we'd have to get me a new on the next day. Why is everything falls apart or breaks right at Christmas time?

Our Christmas dinner was delicious as always. It was bittersweet because my parents could not attend, but we took them a plate of food. They were missed by others besides me. Daddy was most appreciative since his retirement party didn't bring him anything.

Sunday morning Bible class was meant for me. It was about Martha & Mary. I realized I had to let go of the angry feelings of no one showing up to help us decorate the day before. I did what I was meant to do and the good Lord knows this. We had lunch with friends at Cici's which was near where I would get my new cell phone. I am not in this century with my phone. Rhett loves it. I think he held it more than I did Sunday. He was doing all sorts of things with it. Sadly by getting a new phone, I lost my "Mandy" ring tone. My new one is "Ode to Joy" because it sounds Christmasy. Don's is "A Fifth of Beethoven". It is like his deep voice is saying, "You're in trouble now" to that tune! LOL I need a tooth capped but instead I bought a blue tooth! LOL So this week has been about learning to use my new phone. I knew I had to have one. I am thankful I have it.

Sun nite I burned my hand making cheese toast! Monday my coat re-hurt it. Tuesday the nurse bandaged it at work for me and gave me ointment, gauze and tape for it. I was thankful for these freebies.

I missed last week's Thankful Thursday due to being too busy nowadays but that does not mean I am no less thankful. Last week had it's ups and downs as each week does. Some more down than others. I have sent out my version of the 15 days of Christmas in photos and other Christmas images I found on the internet as well as some of my own. I have gotten lots of good feedback on them which makes me feel good as well as many "keep them coming!" It is rather funny to me, I may pick out an item that may have 12 images in it but it may not be exactly to my liking or is not Becky worthy. Then I will find something I like much better. It has been rather time consuming finding just the right image. Just as we want people to have the right image of us. It has become harder and harder to find a certain number of images to match the date so it has been a challenge. If I cannot find an image, I can always use my own photographs even if they do not have a number of images in them.

I had a lot of small blessings last week and some hard times, but I survived them all. On Monday I was thankful for the scarf my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas two Christmases ago. Instead of wearing it around my neck, I used it as a scarf over my head. I felt like an old lady but I didn't care because I was warm on that oh so cold windy day. Must remember to re-thank Kim.

Took Tues off to get my license renewed, take Daddy to his dr in a borrowed wheelchair. It was hard seeing him sitting in it. Thankfully he did not fracture his tail bone. He has tiny tears on 2 ribs which will be sore for another 6 weeks or so. Thankfully he had gained some weight although he said he had on too many clothes. He cannot drive until his heart doc okays it next month. I did errands for them which consists of going to the drug store only to be sent back to it again later. I am beginning to think I live there.

Yesterday Rhett forgot his trombone so I went back to get it for him. I am such a good mom. Don would not have gone back for it. I just don't want him to make a bad grade. So I was late to work, but it turned out ok. Some days I just feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. This was one of them. Almost had a pity party on the way to work. I need a tooth capped; a new tooth. Dropped my phone Sat & it died so we had to get me a new one. I am now in this century and Rhett is thrilled. He has a new toy to play with. He knows how to work it better than I do. I need a new tooth yet I got a blue tooth! LOL Priorities. I have to have this phone with me now.

So I was having this little pity party with a blue tooth in my ear. Blue tooth on, no one calling. Then I thought "What if God called me on my bluetooth?" He would tell me that everything is going to be ok. To just give it over to Him and He will handle it. I immediately felt better. Although I have been grouchy at work for many reasons. One of them being....Illy is pulling another one of her stunts again. They don't know when she will be back. Some of the many notes she has sent as well as other things have nicely disappeared. I had to recopy time cards this morning, scan them and send them via email when I had other things to do. I do this every time yet nothing ever happens. But I cannot worry about that. I have enough to worry about now.

I feel terrible. I am such a bad friend.

Since my Daddy fell after Thanksgiving, I have been so busy. Mom can tell me he or she has a script that needs to be filled. I go to drug store to get it. When I get back, she has found another one for me to fill! Luckily the pharmacy is nearby. If I don't pay a bill when Daddy wants it paid, he says he will drive to pay it and he is in no condition to drive.

All my life my Daddy has told me daily who died as was listed in the newspaper. We do not get the paper. I have been really busy at work. I'd keep saying I was going to go on line to look up Iris' mom's obit, but never found the time. I guess I was still expecting Daddy to tell me.

Tuesday I knew my friend Iris was picking out something for her mom's funeral as she told me in an email which was harder than she thought it would be. That Tuesday was one of THE busiest days of my life. I had to take Rhett to school, get my license renewed, take Daddy to his regular dr in a borrowed wheelchair which was really hard seeing your Daddy in a wheelchair, get lunch, pick up scripts, go to the bank for Daddy, pay my own bill, pick up Rhett after drama class which let out at 4:45. Still had not checked the newspaper nor emailed Iris or called her. Rhett had a band concert at 6 pm.

It wasn't until yesterday, I finally remembered to look thru the paper where I saw the visitation was a little after the time I was to pick up Rhett. His band concert was at 6. There would have been no way I could have done it all & gotten to the concert on time. The funeral was yesterday at 10! I had been out one day. I was Wed because Rhett forgot his trombone. We were short staffed at work. Last night I called Iris' cell last night and left a message of apology, but she did not pick up. I feel terrible. I hope she is not too mad at me & can forgive me.

I have had a good hair week this week and I am thankful. We have another art party to go to Friday night. We are supposed to make baskets for some folks in nursing homes Saturday then go caroling. Nancy and I fear we will be the only ones again. Iris' mom was one of the ones we were going to do this for. I had this really strong urge that we should have done this last Sat but we couldn't since we decorated and had the dinner. Iris's mom passed away on Sunday. I just hope and pray no one else we are doing this for passes away!

My BFF will be in town Sat. Genie and Jena want to come see Daddy which is so sweet. I know she is thinking it may be the last visit. I want to be there when she comes then I feel bad since the caroling was my idea. I just cannot be in 2 places at once. Our preacher understands and told me not to stress about it. I just wish we had more time in December. It needs to be two months long. But then everyday should be a celebration of Jesus' birth.

What are you thankful for? Care to share? Then join us at the following.... where Laurie talks about slim pickens at this Christmas time. It will be sort of a hard candy Christmas for us as well. I plan on giving my photographs as gifts this year. If only they will sell in the New Year...!

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