Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not a Good Week

This has been a not so good week for me. Problems arose as they always do, but I survived them. Many times I could have cried this week, but I did not given in to my tears. I had no pity parties of one. My faithful friends where my encouragers this week and I am truly thankful for all of them. My friend Bob still calls me a "Steel Magnolia" although I don't really think of myself as being that strong, but I guess I am. I must be. I am still here. I can recall many times in my life when I have been unbendingly strong like steel. Moments I am proud of. What my friends said made me feel good as did all the other "hang in there's" and "it will get better's" I received. The reminders of my many blessings of family and friends as well as the good Lord watching over me and my family

Yesterday I took Daddy to the foot dr today. Once again momma got the appointment wrong, but she says it was that dr's office that called changing the appointment. One of the receptionists worried that Daddy might have had dr's appointment elsewhere and would be charged for it. No time to call all of his docs. I was still mad because of what I had gone thru at work the previous day. Luckily they took him on back instead of making us come back on the 31st. They were not busy. I am now the person they call for his appointments.

They put Daddy's feet in whirlpool bath. I haven't seen my Daddy's feet in forever. Mom told me they were swollen at the ankles. When I pulled his socks off, I was so shocked and horrified. His feet are purplish due to his poor circulation. His toenails have always been knarly. They cut them. He has tender toes. Then it was much like when I get a pedicure as they filed off some of the nail. Betadine was put on his toes and in between them then lotion was added. His feet were going good.

Dr. Bernie was very forth coming with me without signing a hippa form & I was thankful. He asked if I was the granddaughter. LOL I guess I should have taken that as a compliment. I told him "Nah, I'm the daughter." They are treating him much like a diabetic due to his very poor circulation. Like a diabetic, he has to careful not to get an sores or ulcers on his feet. He has to go to this dr every 3 months. Because of his poor circulation issues Medicare pays for it.

Now I know why older folks tell younger folks to enjoy their youth. Aging is not pretty.

Communication is also good thing. I was charging my phone in the car because it was dead. Don was off today due to the cold, but I didn't know it & he forgot about Daddy's apptment. He forgets a lot of things now. He could have taken Daddy although it was probably a good thing I was there because I CAN hear whereas my parents cannot. He was able to pick up Rhett for me.

So when does life get easier?

A small blessing for me was hearing the song "Precious and Few" on the radio this week. It was as if a old, old friend visited me.

The week wasn't all bad. I had an exciting phone call.... I was asked to be Program chair person for the other Art Guild here in town IF the other lady does not want to do it or doesn't reply. Even if I don't get the position, it was an honor to be asked much like being nominated for an Academy Award. Even though I was unsure of myself in that position, I was told it was a learn as you go type of thing. Isn't that what life is all about? I will probably find out at the meeting tonight. My friend Bob gave me his vote of confidence that I would be good at this. Let's hope so. I could see myself doing it... lining folks up, introducing them at the meetings.

I have a lot of things to look forward to... the meeting tonight. Seeing some fellow artists that are friends. Hopefully being inspired. Like I need more inspiration. I did paint a little Sunday night. I completed the doodle I'd been working on for months so I now have a series of these doodles.

I loved my friend Anne's interpretation of my doodle. Paulie, I promise I will upload it this weekend! LOL Her interpretation was so positive that it made me feel better about my life. As always my art is full of hearts. I like to think it is full of love. Anne mostly talked about the train coming in from the right. At least it was not leaving! She thinks it is an omen of good things on the way for me. There are 3 boxcars. This made me think the 1st car or gift was my being Vice President of the art center where we live. Anne says there are more and better things to come. I sure hope so. She also thought of "Soul Train". I took it to mean soul literally not like the tv show. Maybe because I poured my soul into it. There are a lot of eyes in it now. I need to ask her what they mean. It had lots of dots but I chose to come some of them up giving it a very texturized background making some things really stand out. It is like deciding when we should be in the background or when we should come forward. I cannot wait to hear what my artist friends have to say about it. Once again my art made me happy. I am thankful for this artist gift the good Lord saw fit to bestow upon me.

Hope your week has been better than mine and you had only blessings happen in your life. If you had problems, I hope you survived as I did and realized there are others out there who care for you especially ONE in particular. Jesus. I hope life gets easier for you if it has been hard for you lately. Keep the faith. There is always something to look forward to tomorrow....

What are you thankful for this week. Care to share? Then join us at the following at Lynn's place...

Lynn, I served my father, my parents and my Father this week.


Paulie said...

I look forward to the photos. . . and remember sometimes, blessings sometimes come disguised as problems. . .

Nancie(More Than Conquerors) said...

Hi Becky,

Thank God for helping you through the week and sending friends to encourage you! These are such precious tokens of love from Him.

Thanks for your visit and many kind words of encouragements! It is always a joy to hear from you and you are truly a Super Encourager! I am so thankful to God that I "met" you through blogging. Isn't He so wonderful to connect us through the internet though we may be separated by seas and mountains? It will be so nice if we can meet in person :) whether here on earth or in heaven one day :)

Take care and many thanks again for your friendship and encouragement. God bless!

Warm regards,

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Paulie! I know you do! LOL That is a wonderful point of view. Thanks for that.

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Nancie! Great to "hear" from you again! Yes,thank God for helping me thru this week and sending encouraging friends my way. You are so right. They are indeed precious tokens of love. I am so thankful for them and for you too. It is always a joy to hear from you also. Sometimes it is hard to believe we are so far apart so separated by seas, mountains, etc. Yet I am actually communicating with you here now! Awesome. I thank you for your friendship and encouragements. Blessings back at ya! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.