Monday, April 20, 2009

Rhett's Odd Shot


Sorry I have been away from my blog for over a week, but I have been really sick with "a touch of bronchitis". I still have that nagging cough, but I guess I will live. I have been working on stuff to put in an art show next month. Yesterday I began making my sign for RAV ART and Rhett gave me an idea for it.

Today's Odd Shot is compliments of my son Rhett. He has been using my camera a lot lately. If he sees something he likes, he will ask if he can take a picture of it. Or when he tells me about what he's seen, I'll tell him to get the camera and take one.

I am not going to make you guess what this is so I will tell you... These are some sort of new toys he plays with now. I think they are Bakagons or something like that. They are like his Yugi-oh cards... I am like Shultz on "Hogan's Heroes, "I know nothing" about them. He has several of these in different colors, but I liked the face on this one. Because he was attempting to take them one-handed, a lot of them are blurry and need to be deleted off the memory card. I think it is great he is thinking in terms of Odd Shots much like his mom. Like mother, like son.

If you would like to participate in Odd Shot Monday, please go to Katney's place at"
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PERBS said...

Glad you are up and about and doing better. I ahve never heard of or seen those games before.

Dragonstar said...

That's a fun picture. Good for Rhett - creative thinking must be catching!
"A touch of bronchitis" sounds horrible. I know how bad that can make you feel, and the antibiotics leave you feeling like a battlefield! Get well soon.
I have vertigo at the moment :( Doctor gave me pills, and they've helped, but some days are still bad enough to stop me taking my camera further than the garden. No fun getting old!

becky aka theRAV said...

Hi Paulie! Yes, today I feel better. I didn't have to use my inhalers yesterday. I had never heard of these things either but then I'd never heard of Teletubbies until I had him! LOL
Thanks Dragonstar for the get well wishes. Hope your vertigo gets better soon. Yes, we went to see my uncle in the hospital and he looked so old since the last time we saw him at my Uncle Frank's funeral. I decided then that I don't want to get old. I plan to stay forever young.

becky aka theRAV said...
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Katney said...

I haven't seen these. I thought it was the inside of a Rubik's Cube.