Monday, April 6, 2009

Art Show in Eufaula

Saturday was the Eufaula Pilgrimage Tour in Eufaula. There was also an art show but I couldn't afford to pay the $75 entry fee for it. Later I found out two really good friends were willing to give me donations. LOL Mom was going to give it all to me, but it was too late. Still that made me feel good.

I'd asked Don to go to this as a pre-anniversary thing since our anniversary is next Thurs. 15 years. Can ya believe it? This was something I really, really wanted to do just the three of us. I felt bad about not going to a bridal shower at church, but really felt like we needed to do this instead. I realized my art was imitating my life. When I was busy taking care of my parents as well as Aunt Pearl, I began this doodle on my doodle pad at work where I had red peppermint swirls and shapes that looked like a big top at the circus. I guess I felt like my life was a 3-ring circus. This past week I doodle swirls instead.

I know I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I just thought it would be good for us to get away for a little while. Do something for us for a change. It was beautiful weather for it. I had said if the Lord didn't want me to go, it would probably rain. If it rained, we'd stay home & I'd go to the shower. I guess He wanted me to go.

Traffic was pretty heavy as you entered Eufula proper. There was a sign pointing to the art show. We parked and starting walking to all the tents that were set up. I got lots of new ideas. There was a lot of photography. I learned some things that I will have to try on Picasa after I upload the pics I took today. I learned that I should never say I am not good enough for something like this. I KNOW I was a better artist than some of these people. There were some that were awesome, but I was not the least bit threatend by them. I saw a new way to crop photos of flowers where the matt is really large revealing only one flower. I saw some crimped matts which I had never seen before.

The president of the guild had mostly water colors, but only had one I thought was really good. His sister had organized this and she had a tent w/ 3 other ladies. She takes excellent photographs. She won something at our art show. Her's was the one of the priest with the sheep if those of you who attened the show can remember that photo. That piece was in this show. I saw several other pieces that did not sell at our show in this one show.

Some of the prices here were more reasonable, but we didn't buy anything. There were a couple of pieces I could afford, but I walked away from them. Don saw one he wanted to get for Jason & Kristina's diner like kitchen. It is not something I could try to duplicate although it had only 3 colors in it. One lady had small pieces of art that she made into magnets for $5 which I could have afforded to buy but did not. Then I thought, "I want my art on my fridge not someone else's!" I have mine there already. Maybe some day it will be on your's...

There was a father/son artist tent. The father was from Eufaula (I think) & the son was from Peachtree City. I asked if they were related. The son said he was the Dad! LOL Every one was friendly and talkative even if you didn't buy anything.

Rhett got bored & was starting to get on my last nerve, but Don did a whole lot better than him. He asked a lot of questions especially of a man who did awesome hunting scenes that have been in hunting magazines. I EVEN recognized one. So they talked about hunting.

When I told you about the Guild's show in Sept., I told you a lady had joined the same time I did and had a really dirrerent piece in it. I guess I feel like I am in competition with her for some reason. I don't know why.

When we 1st drove up, I thought I saw this lady & her husband. I did not know if she had set up a tent or was just observing like us. I saw her husband later and figured she must have entered the show as an artist. When we got to her tent, only he was there. She had photographs this time - no paintings. Some were of the things she brought to the meeting where the photography person from Columbus University who teaches was the speaker. I believe she uses Photo Shop whereas I use Picasa. Potato. Patatoe.

At that last meeting, I almost started to ask her if we could have split a place in this show, but did not for some reason. Maybe because I was feeling that competition thing. So I now know I need to get off my high horse and I did today. Although she was not there, her husband was sure she would go for this idea. He is all about saving money. He told us there is an Art in the Park show coming up & we could split the fee which would save us about $20 (I think). We would have to get our own tent. He made the set up that held her photographs which means Don would have to make me some also and since he is not working... LOL The only thing her husband said was if she wanted to do photography then I could do painting, but we both couldn't do photography. I had been leaning towards photography since I have so many good ones. Evidently she has already rec'd info on this upcoming show which makes me wonder if she is one of the other artist's protege. This woman has displayed art in the park before. But I got a good ideas today about how to do a show. Now I just have to go thru stuff & start thinking about what I want in the show.

Already planning... I plan to display my originals, but they will not be for sale unless I get an offer of a million 6! LOL I will have photographs of the orginals for sale. This may not make sense to you, but say the "Voyle's Road Map" I made for my brother-n-law & sis-n-laws Christmas gift, I display the orignal, but sell a 8x10 copy of it which I placed on the Walmart machine. It is still a photograph of my work. Anyway I can see it... Maybe I'd better read the rules 1st though. LOL

So I am excited about this now! Thinking, thinking, thinking....

I told Don this man supports his wife's art completely. Hint. Hint. Which he laughed when I said that. He told me he supports me. He'd support me even more if I could make money off of it. Then he said he needed to start doing abstracts! I said it would be my luck his would sell mine wouldn't & then I'd be pissed off! I told him I'd let him sell his art beside mine. Then he said, he might let me sell mine beside him! We could even let put some of Rhett's stuff in it!

A lot of these Eufaula artist teach young children. I heard them talking about it.

Yesterday, I volunteered to do a craft project during next year's Employee Appreciation week in May. Of course they have to review what I want to do which was my tape art I have sent you emails aboutor blogged, making a road map with stamps and card stock paper. All that would not take long to make and move on to the next event. Of course Don would say I shouldn't do it if I don't get paid for it, but I KNOW I can do this. The Gov't center would buy the supplies which wouldn't be much & could be purchased w/ a discount from the office supply co we use; certainly not as much as the supplies that were used for the other craft classes I participated in past years.

I picked up lots of artist business cards with Rhett's help today so I may be sending you to other links. I am about to upload my pics so prepare to be bombarded a day early if I ever finish this book/email/blog post!

Please keep me in your prayers that this upcoming art show will work well for me. You can come to it in the park! Pray it doesn't rain on May 17th & I make lots of money so I can take Don out of his birthday the next day and Rhett the following day! LOL

We stopped at Walmart over there in Eufaula where Rhett & I got "Twilight" t-shirts! So it was another really good day today especially for me. Hope your's was as good. If not, hopefully your tomorrow will be as good.


PERBS said...

Came by for your odd shot and saw this one first. . . I am so glad that our first of the month art shows at 6 places in downtown are free. They even offer free refreshments -- usually pastry, chocolate and wine. ALL free.

Best of luck on whatever you plan t do with this venture.

Daryl said...

Good luck at the art sale .. and thanks for visiting my blog!

becky aka theRAV said...

Free is great. Wish I could say the same for here, Paulie. Those items sound good. Thanks for the good luck wishes from both of you, including Daryl.

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