Monday, April 27, 2009

Rhett's Mohawk


What can make you feel better when you've been sick with bronchitis for what seems like forever? A Springfest! Saturday, I took Rhett to one downtown because I'd seen some artwork in passing displayed there. He had a blast. He got to play Guitar Hero at the 107Q van and won a free cd of an unknown band called THE CAB, but they sound ok. My little Guitar Hero. They will post his picture on their website so he will be a star on the radio, so to speak. I let him get his hair done in a mohawk for $5. The lady sprayed the spikes orange, his fave color. All the kids he passed told him, "Cool mohawk, Dude." He'd never received so much attention. When he did a dunking booth throw, he was just called "Mohawk". Even a former assistant city manger told him how cool it was. What I didn't tell him was I sent all his teachers this mohawk picture!

Some of the artists from my artist guild displayed their art at this event. I saw some new exciting art from fellow Georgians. I got their business cards that had their websites on them which I may put on there later. One lady did goth art. She had a female vampire doll and a bat key holder which I thought was really cool, but then I like odd things like that. Sorry, Dragonstar, no dragons. If I had the money, I probably would have bought them but I am saving up for all I need for my upcoming art show. I hope to display my artwork at this event next year. I've already gotten the contact person's phone number. Baby steps.

You should have seen Don's expression when Rhett got out of the car. I told Rhett if we went by his grandparents to show them, Grandma would say "Let me wash it out!" so we did not go by there. Of course we washed it out Saturday night before church the next day. But I was THE coolest mom for an a day.

One of the video places had The Hulk statue I have posted pics of before. I took one of Rhett with his mohawk below it and wanted him to take one of me, but he couldn't see with the sun. I guess I am just not meant to have a close-up of me taken with The Hulk! I keep trying, Abby!

I know this is not really an odd shot but it is odd for a very reserved Rhett and his semi-conservative mom/conservative dad, but it was all in fun. Now he'll want me to fix it like this for Halloween and I think I can do it.

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Hilda said...

That is so cool! I'm glad he got all those compliments — must have been an ego-booster. And I'm glad you both had a lot of fun! Great Odd Shot post!

PERBS said...

I remember when my brothers got Mohawks from my DAd. ONLY, Dad shaved the sides of their head and only the Mohawk was sticking up all down the middle.

becky aka theRAV said...

Thanks Hilda. I am glad you think it is cool. yeah it was a real ego-booster for him. I remember those days too Paulie. LOL