Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Pot Holder

Back on May 23, 2007, I had something neat happen to me on that day... or I thought it was neat. Years ago I bought a pot holder here to work to sit on my desk to place my canned Pepsi's upon. I may have been doing it for going on 13 years now. This old blue one may have been here for over 7 years so it was looking like it just might need a good washing. I grabbed another one from the kitchen to use in it's place. It was a black and white drawing with an almost toile like quality of a pen an ink drawing of cherries, maybe plums and and lot of leaves. It was the drawing itself that made me buy it in the first place because it doesn't match my mauve and blue kitchen.

I thought... I could xerox it and I did exactly that that morning. Of course it took up the center of the page. Then I reduced it. I made some cards with it which some folks might be seeing later... if they are lucky now that I have spoiled the surprise. I reduced it even more to make magnets for the kitchen all in a matter of moments. It made me feel really good. It doesn't take much for me. Its always the simple, little things in life that matter most to me. Just had to share.
Most of my friends like the idea when I sent it out as an email. They look forward to seeing the potholder cards soon...

What made you happy today?

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